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I Just Love Artists

When the world around
Seems bent on Hell’s Destruction,
Find solace in art.

I just love artists;
Amazing talent is shared.
What’s your medium?

Wood? Here’s a sculpture of an owl
This clever bucket pours imagination
Some artists bring blank canvas to life
Other artists, like Carol Clarkson, bring clay to life
Whimsical artists combine mediums
Margie Reck combines gourds with her painting talent
Others create fabric, make hats, design jewelry
What you choose to wear is an expression of the ARTIST in you!
Stained glass art amazes me
Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Pexels.com
Photography is an art…
And so is freedom of self-expression
Photo by Ella Olsson on Pexels.com
Food is an art… how you use it…
How you combine it.
Art inspires the best in me to emerge
Gerry Gerron, a retired architect, taught himself to be
an artist, turning to the canvas for expression.
He created this amazing portrait of
fellow Artist, Larry Zabel.

Locked inside of you
Is a colorful artist –
Let it come forward!!

In cookies or cloth,
Color your whole world with love.
Be the joy you seek.

What art is your choice?
Color my world with your joy.
Leave a happy note.

Photo by Giftpundits.com on Pexels.com

See ya tomorrow.

Comments on: "I Just Love Artists" (8)

  1. Wow 😮 I love all your lovely posts there so much amazing and beautiful

  2. A wonderfully vibrant and eclectic celebration of all the arts! A perfect start to my day … off to look through this beautiful collection again! 😀

  3. A joyful post. You are familiar with my photography, and possibly my drawing. I made one successful wood carving many years ago.

    • I AM familiar with your artistic photography and you lovely drawings… yes, I love the Artist Derrick – and the creative Jackie whose gardening skills create such beautiful subjects for your art. Bravo! Nugget obviously is drawn to that art, too. Have a Terrific Thursday, my friend. <3 (And show us that one successful wood carving, will you?)

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