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Sharing Sunshine

Good Morning, Sunshine!

Thank God


Click on this link for a cheery message today:

I read the blog whose link I posted above – and it brought sunshine to me on this gloomy, gray Friday morning. I hope it brightens your day, too. It is so true… we can’t rely on outward circumstances to bring us our joy. The door opens inward!

z -Door opens inward.jpg

When things look cloudy and gray
Just turn your focus away
From the things that are dark and gloomy
Let joy spring from your heart today.

Life IS an amazing journey
It DOES all begin and end with LOVE
So open the door to your heart’s love
And let JOY bring you strength from above.

strong person.jpg

You may be facing some darkness
Your skies may be cloudy and gray
But they don’t have to dampen your spirits
Let the Son shine in to brighten your day.


Have a bright and beautiful Friday.
See ya later!

Comments on: "Sharing Sunshine" (12)

  1. Jan, thank you for sharing some Friday sunshine. Amazingly, we have seen plenty of sun the past couple of days in Buckeye land.

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  2. Dear Jan, YOU ARE SO LOVELY!!! ❤️

    I was greatly moved that you shared my message ….. and I loved your reminder how we can all look inward for happiness….

    Would lovingly share your post too ❤️


  3. Reblogged this on IT'S ALL ABOUT LOVE and commented:
    Dear Jan, thanks so much for sharing sunshine in my life. Now that is more than sunny …. THAT IS LOVE!!! ❤️☀️💛☀️💚☀️💜☀️💙☀️❤️

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  4. An uplifting message

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  5. Thanks, for sharing Friday sunshine and joy. Love, your reminder that the door opens inward.

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