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True Colors

True Colors

colorful dancers

You Color My Life!
You’re there to spread the sunshine
When shadows hide joy.

Show your true colors
By joining hands all around –
Reaching out in love.

tough times

Do you agree with that?
Do you think leaving answers
Issues of Respect?

Thinking of abuse;
Considering disrespect –
Sometimes there’s no choice.

But, looking at most
Issues of the “toughest times,”
LOVE is the answer.

Demonstrate bright love!
Climb the rainbow of color
To the Pot of Gold.


scenic view of sky with rainbow

Photo by Jessica Lewis on Pexels.com

Compassion is gold.
Stick around and help others –
Absence creates voids!

What’re YOUR True Colors??
Are they Love and Compassion?
Or blackness and voids?

heart of love
See Ya Tomorrow!


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  1. I do agree that it is the toughest times that show us who really cares. In my life I have seen the parting of the ways as letting go rather than leaving – an acceptance rather than a retaliation

    • I agree with you – that’s why that meme (or poster) with its message made me think and ask if you agree. Acceptance – not retaliation. That fits my mindset. Thanks, Derrick!

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