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Life is a Book

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Life is a book;
Each day a new page.
The story’s not written
By some far off sage.
You write it each moment;
It comes from your heart.
Today’s page is blank
‘Til you get up and start…
Start by breathing deeply;
Thank God for each breath.
Begin each day with gratitude –
From your birth to your death.
Praise God for Creation.
Look around and then start
To praise Him for His presence
In your life – every part!
Ask God for His wisdom
To help you every minute
As you choose your day’s tasks
And the JOY He puts in it.

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Photo by bruce mars on Pexels.com

Have a joy-filled Tuesday, my friends.
Write this page with intention and love.

See ya tomorrow.

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  1. Amen and amen! Have a joy-filled Tuesday too, my friend! I’ve written a new page already. Today’s gonna be fruitful as always cos God is involved in all my plans for the day!

    • Great! My day was fruitful, too. I went to a county commissioners’ mtg to support our local nursing home’s budget requests – and then helped my “senior friend” with his mail & “stuff.” All God’s hands and feet …

  2. I’m glad it spoke to you! Thanks for commenting.

  3. Life can really seem like a book. Thank goodness our Lord gives us a new chapter to write for each new day despite our transgressions during the previous chapter.

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