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Share Your Saltiness!

Share Your Saltiness!


(If you’ve followed my blog

for awhile, you know it’s my habit

to take poetic notes while listening

to Rev. Jean Johnson’s sermons

in our Ennis, Montana Presbyterian Church.

If you’re new to JanBeek, now you know!

Here are my notes from today’s message

based on the scripture in Mark 9:38-50)


I take salt for granted.

I simply know it’s good.

I understand it preserves

and flavors food – as it should.


Salt is a part of life.

It’s here among us all.

So, why did Jesus talk

About lack of salt this fall?


Where’s the Good News

In Jesus’ message of salt?

If salt loses its taste,

Am I, dear Lord, at fault?


We, as the church, are called

To be the Salt of the Earth.

If we lose our saltiness,

We forget our Christian birth.


Born into the faith, we’re given

The spices of zest and grace.

We’re called to season every need,

To help each hurting face.


Our salt is meant to sprinkle

Both saint and sinner – the same.

Remember, we all are sinners, too,

So share your saltiness in Jesus’ name.



(And this Sunday afternoon I’m wondering,

Do you s’posed Jesus might have had this

salty sharing in mind? Come on over!)

Oh goodness! Is that sacrilegious? Or just some of my saltiness spilling out?

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  1. I like that😃

  2. I love salty drinks… looks like a yummy margarita to me! 😋

  3. Lovely post Jan… I can’t seem to find your post you wrote for our awakening series! I thought you had posted it on September 25? Could you please link it back to my post… http://memymagnificentself.com/2018/09/17/a-selection-of-true-awakening-stories-part-iii/ otherwise nobody will be able to find it. Thanks a lot, much love, Barbara x

  4. dedesunshine said:

    NOT sacrilegious, momma! Lol 😆 I love you !

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