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Life is a Shipwreck

So many of the devotionals I read this morning had the theme of ships, boats, storms, and rescues. One quote that particularly struck me was, “Life is a shipwreck; sing in the life boat.” It and yesterday’s events along with the other readings today prompted this poem:

Life is a Shipwreck

Life is a shipwreck
Sing in the lifeboat
Thank God for our faith
It keeps us afloat

When plans go astray
And you can’t do as planned
Just climb off the ship
There’s a lifeboat on the land

Jesus is calling you
To listen to His Word
All you had intended to do
May, in fact, be absurd

His lifeboat will take you
To a much better place
So sing as you sail along
And keep your eyes on His face

Yesterday I was all set to go on a bus to the county fair with a group from our local nursing home. When I arrived to help out, I discovered there were only two residents going and they had two volunteers to help already. I could have gone along to be an extra pair of hands, but as I sat in the back seat between the other two (with no seatbelt in my center space), I heard the Holy Spirit telling me, “This is a shipwreck! This is not what I need you to be doing today.”

I heeded His warning and returned home where God had a lifeboat prepared for me: Bob needed to go in to Bozeman to have his hearing aids fixed and my company was needed right here at home.

Sometimes we reach out to help others, thinking that’s the service to Him that God has in mind for us, and He manages to head us off at the pass. He says, “No, your service is needed right where you are! Get off the ship. Come sing in the lifeboat!”

Life doesn’t have to be a shipwreck!!

Do you relate?

May your faith
Keep you afloat
As you avoid the shipwreck
And let God float your boat

Listen for those instructions.
Keep the faith, my friends.
Avoid the shipwreck;
Sing in the lifeboat!

What song shall we sing?

See ya in the lifeboat…

Comments on: "Life is a Shipwreck" (17)

  1. Dana Pulliam said:

    I am learning to trust promptings like this! Glad you did!

  2. Great message! I can relate:)

  3. Another wonderful message – thank you!

  4. Yes, sing in the lifeboat. Well done, Jan. I love your poem.
    HUGS, Uta 🥰

    • Thank you, Uta. I appreciate your affirmation. Have a lovely Sunday, my friend. Let’s sing 🎶 His praises together! “Oh,Lord, my God, when I in awesome wonder, consider all the worlds Thy Hands have made, I see the stars, I hear the rolling thunder…” 😍👍🏽🎶

  5. A lesson beautifully learned

  6. Wells done… Staying in tune and staying focused… keeps you afloat!

  7. Peter Martin said:

    I’m kind of fond of ” you ho ho, ho, a pirates life for me” when the 1955 pirates of the Caribbean wasn’t a dirty phrase.

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