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Fall into Autumn

Summer’s gone
Experiencing cooler weather
Enjoying the changing colors

(Elfchen are poems with 11 words
The pattern is 1+2+3+4+1)
I enjoy reading Richard’s at Big Sky Buckeye

Green – Orange
Temperatures affect them
They decorate the branches

From friends
Adorn my table
A beautifully painted gourd

Inspire me
Pass them along
Let them inspire others

God’s creations
Painted for us
Joys of the Season

Of pink
Blend with green
Change their hues daily

Man’s creations
Ease our load
Make our farming easier

Trouble us
Turn to God
He will comfort you

Peace my friends!
Have a love-filled week!

I will fall into autumn…
But no more falls, broken fingers or skulls…
Bee safe, my friends!

See ya tomorrow (maybe)- hah!

Comments on: "Fall into Autumn" (19)

  1. You have started out my week with sunshine, hope, and blessings. I am glad I have you in my life!

  2. Such a beautiful and uplifting sequence Jan, thank you for sharing! 💗

  3. Dana Pulliam said:

    Masterful elfchens!

  4. Elaina Colby said:

    Montana doesn’t mess around when the fall season starts! What beautiful colors you have around your house already. My leaves are not changing just yet. But the mums are blooming and I have some of every color. I think I love the fall the best.

  5. Beautifully done

  6. Such beautiful poems, that was something new I learnt today. Thank you. I always love to see autumn photos posted by bloggers, we don’t have an autumn here. The leaves do not change colours here. I live in the west coast of South India.

  7. Thank you, Lakshmi. I am glad you enjoyed the Elfchen (sometimes called Elevensies because they have 11 words). It is news to me that there are regions of the world (like yours) that do not experience autumn (with the leaves changing color as ours do.) So we both learned something new today! <3

  8. Loved your poems and I love fall!

  9. Jan, your verses definitely sing with praises of the autumn season. Thanks for linking to my site. For a change, autumn arrived here on the first day of fall. Summer ain’t coming back.

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