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The poem above is an edited version of an original by Bob Perks. I first read his poem about two decades ago. It spoke to me. Like the one above, it did not give credit to the poet, so I credited “Anonymous.” I posted it on my FaceBook page or somewhere (I wasn’t on WP yet at that time).

I heard from Bob Perks. He was irate! People were posting his poem, tweaking it, and not giving him credit. I had done so innocently. Maybe others were as unknowing as I.

Is it OK to use someone else’s words without acknowledging them? Bob Perks said, “No, that’s plagiarism!”

But if you saw the poem posted as I did, without an author’s name, how would you go about researching who wrote it?

In today’s world, I just “Googled it!” I found this version:

Is that really Bob Perks’ original version? How can I tell? And is it ok for some company to put it on a plaque and sell it for profit without the poet getting some kind of royalty? Did Bob Perks copyright it? I don’t know.

I have mixed feelings on this subject – because I have always believed that when someone steals your idea it is a form of flattery. After all, they liked it that much, right?

People have been doing that with Jesus’ words and ideas for centuries.

Did Nancy DeMoss really create that idea?

2 Corinthians 12:9

But he said to me, β€œMy grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.”

People always are rephrasing Jesus’ words.
There are countless translations of the Bible
and dozens of books that paraphrase it.
But, they do not take the ideas
without giving credit to the creator,
do they?

So, is it OK to be a copycat
without acknowledgement?

Depends… depends on who you’re copying and why!
Sometimes copying is considered a cheap form of imitation.

As an elementary school principal, I used encourage my teachers to share their good ideas with others – and be happy if someone copied their method, stole their lesson plan, or imitated their teaching style. It’s OK to go beyond admiring an idea. It’s OK to use it, embellish it, improve upon it, personalize it. Is it enough to just recognize the other for their inspiration? If you copy, do you need permission?

In our WordPress world, we try to ask permission before reposting someone’s idea. If we don’t get an answer, is it enough to just acknowledge the source?

Lee Ann Womack advocates originality.

I believe Bob Perk’s poem is a beautiful original.
He deserves to receive credit for it.
I wish him ENOUGH accolades
to satisfy his heart’s content.
I love following his ideas
even today on FaceBook.

His website is about
Starting Over…
New Beginnings

I bet Bob Perks has had ENOUGH of this rewriting of his poem and people copying and tweaking it. I bet he is ready to move on… start over … reinvent his image. As a writer, he now says he is a “Speaker” and a “Vocalist.” He’s said ENOUGH of that old life. Let’s begin again. His website says, “Starting Over Again” at the top of it.

I am an orginal.
You are an original.
There is no one else on earth like you.
Your eyes are only yours.
Your fingerprints are only yours.
Your voice is an original – only yours!
Celebrate your originality!


Loved having you visit today.
Come back again tomorrow
and celebrate my birthday with me, OK?

I wish you enough!


Comments on: "Enough!" (12)

  1. I wonder, what if I had found a poem but as I read it I thought it trite and shallow to such a degree that it had an effect of diminishing a truth? Should I criticise it and if I did, should I acknowledge the author? Let’s put it the other way around. Should I publish it and credit the author with its origin , but then criticise it for being trite and shallow?

    • Criticism is only warranted if it is constructive. Would that qualify?

      • I wasn’t talking about the poem you published that started your blog. I was mainly talking about acknowledgement. But in fact, I wouldn’t ever make any criticism on someone else’s poem if I was being negative. And never attempt to be constructive unless the author had asked for my opinion.

      • I understand. Thanks for the clarification.

  2. Your offerings are such wonderful gifts. Thank you for all your sharing!

  3. Giving credit to the due author is something I try to always do Jan… and in todays world of cut and paste on the internet unfortunately it happens very often..

    I found a site linked to Instagram with my name on it… and they were posting as if me… I have also found poems too….. Its a difficult process to stop happening and its surprising if we google our names just what we find…
    I found a site which had rated my own WP site? saying it was safe…
    Thank you for sharing Bob’s poem and his link….
    Your own poetry is always precious Jan…
    Hows your head doing??? sending LOVE and cheers right back <3

    • Thank you, Sue. My head and hand are healing. I appreciate the good wishes and the concern. I need to get the message… slow down and watch where I’m walking! I hope you are doing the same. Thank you for acknowledging my questions about authenticity, Sorry you have experienced people posting on Instagram as if they were you. That had to be disconcerting at best!

      • I looked at it this way Jan if they think my content worth taking it must have resonated. But at the end of the day it’s not doing them any long term favours, for its showing they lack creativity of their own. And a lack of respect .
        I have no objections to excerpts etc so long as its refrenced back to the author. I have ping-back on if someone references my website, I go thank them. If they look genuine..
        I’ve had a lot of reblogs lately to blogs with no content on investigation.
        You have to be wary Jan as some are after your IP address.
        Sad isn’t it that trust has gone with so many dishonest people. ☹

        Glad you okay.. take care. πŸ’•πŸ’–πŸ’•

      • Yes, it is sad that so many are untrustworthy. Tis their own heart that suffers. Your ping-back is a good idea.

      • πŸ’•πŸ˜πŸ’•

  4. Jan, this post brings your discussion full circle. All good points! As for Bob Perks, you have more than settled up with him.

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