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Pins and Casts

Yesterday was not a good day to post!

When the big cast came off, this is what I saw:

Does that make your stomach queasy? It did mine!
Those pins are criss-crossed over the little finger knuckle.
They are allowing the little finger to stay in its socket
while the broken pinky bone heals.
Poor crinkly hand!

But you don’t want those pins left exposed
if you are out and about, so…
a very capable hand therapist created
a color-coordinated, custom-fitted cast!
The red strips are Velcro so I can take this off.

Gotta keep smiling!

God is good! The bones are healing. Occupational therapy begins tomorrow. I can shower without a big plastic bag over my whole arm, hampering my ability to function. As i have said, ever since the fall and break on April 20th, “It could be worse!”

I continue to thank God that it wasn’t my right (dominant) hand. It wasn’t my head or arm or hip. It could have been much, much worse!

My Ukranian hummingbird

Don’t you pray daily for the people of Ukraine?
Don’t you thank God for your health, happiness, safety, and freedom?
Don’t you realize, as I do, that your troubles are minuscule
compared to those suffered by so many in the world?

What can we do to take the focus off our own
pins and casts
and remember what to do in tough times?

Look at #5 above.
What did I do to have some fun?
The hand therapist asked me,
as she was crafting my smaller cast,
“Would you like your Velcro black like the cast?”

I decided to have some fun.
Add a little color …
match my optimistic mood!

This finger will heal.
A lot of people are a lot worse off than I am!
PT will help me regain the use of these fingers.
Meantime, I can type with my right hand.
God hears my pleas and sends friends/family to help.

John 15:7
7 If you remain in me and my words remain in you,
ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you.

Thanks for joining me today
and adding your prayers to mine.
I pray you will take heed and
“Slow down and watch where you’re going!”

God bless you and help you avoid pins and casts.
They’re no fun!

See ya tomorrow (God willing)
Love, JanBeek

I’m glad this big one’s gone.

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  1. Fran McNeill said:


  2. Sunny De said:

    I’m so glad you have a less cumbersome cast now, Ma. It’ll be slow going until it’s fully healed and you regain full use of your hand. But yes….in the meantime focus on the positive and stay strong! I love you! 💋🥰💋🥰

  3. OOOhhh. I don’t like that. Ouch. Yuck. My hand has healed on the outside but there’s a lot of times when some of the fingers feel numb. But I can still type with one finger. I sympathise and empathise and lots of other – – – ises as well. And a couple of prayers as well no and then.

    • Thank you so much! No one understands quite as well as one whose been there. Your compassion is appreciated.

  4. Ouch dear Jan that does still look nasty..
    Thank goodness you can maintain that lovely smile and gratitude dear Jan
    Sending oodles of love ❤

  5. Thank you! Gotta keep smiling – a frown just takes you down!

  6. Thank you Jan! Your blessed spirit continues to lead, with the Lord’s encouragement. Certainly pins and casts are a temporary detour, and you are making amazing progress. God’s peace!

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