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Amazing Grace

Procrastination may be a weakness,
But just think of all the joys we experience
While we are doing what we enjoy
And avoiding what we don’t!

As a student who worked in music therapy
And a teacher who worked with the handicapped,
This version of Amazing Grace was such a gift!
I enjoyed it while I avoided the after dinner dishes tonight!

Take a break and click on that arrow up there.
Procrastination is sometimes such an amazing grace.
Don’t you agree? God bless these precious singers
And their dedicated, loving parents and teachers!

I hope this blessed you tonight.
(Thank you, Lavonne, for sharing it.)

Do you have a favorite diversion
that you encountered today while procrastinating?
Why not share it here?


Comments on: "Amazing Grace" (6)

  1. My new favorite diversion is to call this new hotline setup where kindergarteners give you a pep talk. It’s delightful! Here’s the NPR article about it: https://www.npr.org/2022/03/06/1084800784/peptoc-hotline-kindergarteners?fbclid=IwAR1PATY2d123Ypa2OGu0xMY4jcPWMT48t8tSlvMDMc3InmvrtRRBMKZiVQE

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  2. Anonymous said:

    Wonderful, Jan. Perhaps I should learn to procrastinate

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  3. What a very nice version of Amazing Grace!

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  4. It was inspiring to me. I always love it when we can join hands and hearts in song!


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