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Today we went to Yellowstone National Park with our grandson, Nick, and his sweetheart, Celine.

The only entrances into the park that were open were the north gate by Gardner and the north-east gate by Cooke City. We were able to enjoy the Mammoth Hot Springs and the road to the Tower. Only on that last road were we able to spot a few bison. Not being able to go through West Yellowstone to Old Faithful was a disappointment, but Nick will just have to return with Celine some summer when the whole park is available. Highlights today were:

  1. TazE enjoying the Bighorn sheep that were right by the road (we did, too)

2. Enjoying a day in Yellowstone at Mammoth Hot Springs with Nick & Celine

3. Being healthy & vigorous enough to enjoy walking the Mammoth Hot Springs trail, too!

4. Stopping in Gardner for refreshments on our way home

5. And enjoying the changing colors of the night sky on our way home

Hopefully next trip we’ll be able to go through West Yellowstone and see Old Faithful in her glory. But meantime, we had a great day with bighorn sheep, bison (at a distance), antelope, mule tail deer, and a bald eagle delighting our visitors.

Nick took lots better pictures than I did… and his Instagram posts will delight his followers, I am sure.

Hopefully you can come some day, too… and enjoy this beautiful park with us.

Meantime, thanks for visiting with us today.
See ya tomorrow (God willing)

To see more of Yellowstone Park, click on that August 9, 2019 post. Our cousin, Sofia, visited the Park with us on that occasion. Old Faithful and the hot springs were in full array.

Comments on: "Embrace Yellowstone w Visitors" (10)

  1. That looks cold. Glad you were well wrapped up

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  2. Ahhh … a wonderful day for you all at a most beautiful location. Those mountains look glorious and I’d keep out of the way for the sheep! 😀

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    • Yes, Annika, it is important that visitors to the park keep their distance from the animals. They are not caged as they would be in a zoo, and they definitely are wild and unpredictable. Our picture was from the car window!

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  3. A great post, Jan. You look a bit chilly!!
    Love Yellowstone! We camped at Gardner back in 1989 on a family trip. It was interesting to go through. I believe the fires had hit Yellowstone the year before, but it was coming back green the next year.


    • Oh yes, that was a brutal time to visit. So much charred earth and trees down and out. It took 20 years for the new growth to cover the ashes and begin to green things up again. There still are burned stumps and charred trees on the ground floor from that fire. But, the new growth is beautiful!

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  4. maudie lamb said:

    Beautiful pictures. One of my favorite places to visit. We need to visit again. Yes this is God creation and his creatures. They are beautiful Thank you and Have a wonderful Thanksgiving….

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  5. Awesome post! I can never pass up an opportunity to see Yellowstone in person or virtually. I have entered the park at West Yellowstone, Gardner, and Cooke City. Colleen and I enjoyed a quick visit several years ago. Your grandson and his sweetheart make a delightful duo.

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