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Embrace a Tree

Hug a tree for me
Find one you can wrap your arms
Around and hang on

Trees are like people
Some are so big that you can’t
Quite get around them

Like giant redwoods
All you can do is admire
Their magnificence

Some are just loners
They stand apart from others
Saying “Look at me!”

Some are connected
So tightly to each other
There’s no room to join

Others form a line
Saying, “Come and join us, but
You must look like us.”

Others welcome all
They are so hospitable
You just flock to them

Some are quite fruitful
They produce enough to share
And do every day

Others hide their fruit
Above gnarled exterior
Daring you to touch

Some are cold, distant
Dark and often depressing
Warning, “Keep away!”

I love trees who shine
Like bright, colorful people
Beckoning us near

Prickly trees are
Ones we try to steer clear of
Lest we should get caught

The young and tender
Beckon us to hold them tight
And protect their growth

Trees that nourish us
Are like the fruit-filled people
Who say, “Let me share.

Come see what I have.
Come taste of its sweet goodness.
I am rich with love.”

“Come sit beside me
Please let me give you some rest.
Come and embrace me.”

“I won’t hold my love
High above and out of reach;
Won’t put you at risk.”

“I’ll spread out my arms
And keep you safe from all harm.
I’ll listen. You talk!

Tell me your troubles.
Sit beneath my shade and rest.
Come, embrace a tree.”

We come in colors
Bright and shining as the sun.
Bare – when summer’s done

Trees are like people:
We hide our troubles inside
Deceptive faces.

Let’s learn from our trees.
Let’s let true colors shine through;
Show your true beauty.

Unlike this odd tree,
Keep your roots firmly grounded.
Embrace a tree now!

Any old tree will do!!

Thanks for visiting JanBeek today.
Tell me, what’s your favorite tree?
Which one is like you?

Bob & I send our love.
See ya tomorrow.

“Give some tree the gift of green again.
Let one bird sing.”

—From “When Autumn Came” by Faiz Ahmed Faiz
     translated by Naomi Lazard

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  1. I absolutely fell in love with trees during our road trip around the states in April-June 2019. I think my favorites were the ones that had Spanish moss hanging from them. Sooooo many varieties of trees! I also love the ones that have really little leaves that seem like silver scales in the sunlight and shift color depending on what side of the leaf the sun is shining. Loved your selection of photos and your poem, ma! Have a lovely Sunday!

    • What a sweet response, DeDe. That trip certainly was memorable. I need to add those moss-covered trees to my collection. Have a wonderful Sunday evening, Sweetheart. I love you! <3

  2. A wonderful paean to the tree. The redwood is my favourite; the gnarled one most like me (cos I am often cryptic)

  3. Lesley (the English one) 😉 said:

    Wow, stunning pictures, Jan! I’ve never seen trees like some of the ones here. I’m sorry to say I’m probably most like the loner and the one I like the best is the hospitable one with the cockatoos perching in its branches. 😀 xx

    • Thanks, {{{Lesley}}} for responding. I had not seen some of those trees before either. The one I think I am most like is the oak. There is a broad stability about me that has endured these 81 years with God’s grace growing in me as I EMBRACE His sturdy Word daily and extend my branches out to more and more through JanBeek. <3 Yes, WordPress blesses me with new friendships like yours. Thank you! <3

      • Lesley (the English one) 😉 said:

        Thanks for those lovely words, Jan. Maybe I’ll grow more like an oak one day, though I’m not so far behind you in age (67). There are lots of oaks where we live, as there has been ancient woodland in this area for hundreds of years (not that I’m saying that you are ancient!). There are even wild deer which are descendants from when the Bishop of Durham kept them in the deer-house in the castle grounds for hunting. I’m glad these ones are free. 🙌

  4. Peter Martin said:

    I love trees si much I have a baccalaureate in forestry and have personally planted over 40,000 trees. Recently, i started over 300 olives from cuttings. Trees are in the DBA.

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