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Embrace The Word

“The Word was the Source
of Light and Life”

Today’s message from Rev. Steve Hundley
at the Madison Valley Presbyterian Church
in Ennis, Montana was titled
“God’s Creative Word.”

The scripture reference was
John 1:1-18
(with reinforcements from Genesis)

Photo by Luis Quintero on Pexels.com

God’s Creative Word

Trying to decipher John’s
Interpretation of Christ’s birth
Is like trying to grasp smoke.
He says God’s Word created the earth.

And he explained that the Word
Was the Light and the Life – – – Rejoice!
He speaks as John the Apostle
And switches to a heavenly voice.

John strips away the layers covering
The original Word of God to earth.
He helps us hear with spiritual ears
The meaning of Christ’s unusual birth.

The Book of John is ethereal
As he shares God’s creative power.
He emphasizes that saying is doing
Words are like a bud that produces flower.

So, when we say something,
We need to think of the impact
Those words have on others.
Words spoken ripple out – no taking them back!

Just as God’s Word has the power
To create light out of darkness,
Our words also have the power
To create beauty out of starkness.

So, a lesson of John’s Gospel
Is to warn us: Watch what you speak!
If you speak untruths carelessly,
The results will not be what you seek.

Life and death are in the power
Of the tongue – – – We eat its fruit.
If you want your daily meal sweet,
Use your tongue’s power for Truth.

The Word became flesh and made
His home among us – He appeared
In the form of our Savior, Jesus.
Start here – Start where darkness was cleared.

Be Light for a Dark World.

Everlasting God,
remind us again
that Your Son is the light of the world,
the way, the truth, and the life.
Lead us by your light and truth.
Looking for Jesus,
let us find Him
knowing that it is He
who has come looking for us.

Embrace the Word, my friends.

Psalm 119:105

Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.

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Keep the Christmas spirit alive
All Year Through!
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Comments on: "Embrace The Word" (12)

  1. Very nice no relog on your posts, ever.

  2. Lesley (the English one) 😉 said:

    It’s so lovely (and clever) how you express God’s word through poetry, Jan.
    I agree, words can either uplift and encourage or hurt and dishearten others. This is something I will do my utmost to be aware of this year. Thank you, Jan! 🙌🙂

  3. Another excellent rendering, Jan X

  4. Jan, I always enjoy your poetry based on Sunday’s worship. Rev. Hundley’s parallels some of my devotional time from this morning. I was reading Genesis 1, and the emphasis was on the power radiating from God’s Word. May we all embrace His Word with even deeper commitment and study.

    • Thank you for your kind comment, {{{Richard}}} – a deeper commitment to the study and application of God’s Word is a part of what I will embrace in 2021. God Bless You!!

  5. A great post! I love the ending of your poem… start where the light cleared away the darkness. A good beginning for the new year!

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