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The Place to Be

The place to be on a snowy day

Is not out in the freezing cold

It’s snug and warm in our Senior Center

Where the food is great and we join the fold

Of senior folks who come to eat

And chat with friends they see

Monday through Friday without fail

It’s an inviting place to be.

This week’s menu
Waiting for the crowd
Biding time with a crossword puzzle
Early birds here to visit
Tune in to those conversations- you’ll keep up with all the community news!
Karen & Briana are busy creating their delicious lunch for today.
They treat themselves to coffee, tea, water, or lemonade…
Or as server, I deliver it.
Sometimes whole groups reserve a table and meals for their lunch meeting. This was the ROMEOs = Retired Old Men Eating Out!
Mary is the volunteer at the reception desk today. She collects their $5. Best deal in town!!
The Center is used for a variety of purposes. One of them is described on this poster that greets our diners.
All our workers are volunteers except for Brianna who is the main chef, menu planner, shopper, etc.

The hands above belong to today’s volunteer dishwasher. He is eating his meal early so he’s available to do his job when the dishes and pots n pans start pouring in.

But no meal’s complete without dessert, right?
And no chocolate pie is complete without whipped cream!
Never fear… if chocolate’s not your thing, we have coconut cream!
Your friendly waitress will BEE happy 🐝 to take your order.

So, that’s what I did this morning. What did you do

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  1. Brava momma! I’m proud of you for being in service to others so often. ❤️❤️❤️

    • When you’re retired, you’ll continue your life of service, too. Today you’re serving at the cash register. Pass out smiles and cheer freely!!

  2. Hello Jan, how are you doing? nice to hear from you

  3. An excellent facility. ROMEOs I like 🙂

  4. You are precious to let us see inside your life. I can see why the lady in your other post called you grandma. You are indeed just one of those encouraging, loving people. God bless:)

    • Thank you for your affirmation. I try to let people in every day. Some folks actually take me up on it! Thanks for being one of them! Have a blessed day 🤗🥰

  5. Hello Jan, how are you doing? nice to hear from you

  6. Jan, your post reminds me of the Senior and Community Center in Circle. The building was used for a variety of uses. Small communities have a special way of making everyone feel welcome.

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