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Wine & Food Pairings

I promised a week or so ago that I would post pictures of the main plates at our Madison Valley Ranch “Food & Wine Pairings” dinner gathering. Zach, one of the coordinators, said he’d send his photos to me. I was so busy enjoying the meal and chatting with friends that I forgot to get my phone out of my pocket!

Zach didn’t send photos, but I recently received these from another of the event’s participants:

The steelhead entree with pea shoots – Very tasty!
I don’t remember what this was. Can you guess by looking at the menu?
Bison shortrib
I think this was the gnocchi – what do you guess?
I remember it not being shaped like my grandma used to make.
It looks like a dessert, but it wasn’t.

Anyway, a promise is a promise. I said I’d share the photos. Needless to say, they don’t do justice to the tastes and the ambience. I wonder when computers will emit food smells?

Have a Marvelous Monday.
See ya later.

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  1. Elaina Colby said:

    Yum! Everything looks so good!

  2. Intriguing – especially for one who wouldn’t find bison on the menu 🙂

    • Not on the menu in your part of the world, I’m sure. But bison’s pretty popular here. We even give it away at the Food Bank!

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