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Lakota Prayer & Super Bowl

Lakota Haiku

Pray you learn to trust
Your heart and mind and senses.
Then you’ll find balance.

I pray your Sunday was a day of balance.

Balance between church and worship,
fellowship and football,
food and entertainment,
work and play.

Super Bowl

It was Super Bowl Sunday in the USA. The San Francisco 49’ers were my choice, but the Kansas City Chiefs played a fantastic game and won it fair and square. We had fun watching the game with friends and cheering each team for their good plays. It’s not about winning or losing for me… it’s about sportsmanship and skillful plays and watching good sports. It’s about sharing the day with friends – and serving them some of our favorite things.

Bob and I made a lemon meringue pie to share for dessert.
Our neighbor, Rex, smoked some beef – yum! I added a mushroom polenta, a shrimp in cream sauce (for surf and turf) and a squash casserole for the meal.
Rex’s wife, Penny, was a great help in the kitchen.
My buddy, Caroline, always makes gatherings more fun!
I was able to sit and enjoy the game, too.
Great to have friends to share the good times with!
It was a close and exciting game until the Chiefs ran away with it in the 4th quarter. Good for them! They hadn’t won it in how many years??
With the snow falling outside, it was a perfect day to cuddle up in our cozy living room and enjoy fellowship, football, and good food & wine. I wish you could have joined us!

I will end this day with that Lakota prayer at the top,
knowing God hears me and will indeed help me to
“walk in balance with the passing of each glorious sun.”

Thanks for dropping by JanBeek.

See ya tomorrow.

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  1. My team lost the rugby yesterday, too. Excellent haikus

    • Sorry about the loss, but hope you enjoyed the game anyway. Thanks for your comment, Derrick. I always look for your visit and appreciate your remarks. Have a Marvelous Monday!

      • Thank you very much, Jan. The game was good, but there is room for improvement. As long as both teams do their best I don’t really mind who wins these days

  2. Jan, the Lakota prayer and Haiku go hand in hand with the day all of us are blessed with. I didn’t have a favorite to cheer for so I was hoping for a thrilling game, and I wasn’t disappointed. By the way, the lemon meringue pie looks scrumptious.

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