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Sally’s Place & Chickens

My sis, Sally, lives at the Masonic Village. It’s a lovely place. We enjoyed a tour this afternoon.

A lovely sitting area near the entrance… and a beautiful meeting room where church services are held each Sunday:

Bob & I had lunch with my sis at her home’s “Friendsgiving” celebration.

The staff really got into the spirit by dressing up for the occasion.
Then we went home – and were greeted by cheery Lily.

Jodie’s standard poodle, Lily, was smiling to Hello. Such a sweet pup!!

Then Mary, their sheepadoodle, came to join in the greeting. Such beautiful dogs.

We were greeted also by a variety of their chickens… fascinating!! I wonder which one of these provided the eggs for our breakfast this morning? The eggs were as varied in color as the chickens are!

This Sussex lays brown eggs.
This gal lays green or blue eggs! She’s a Whitening.
Isn’t this a handsome guy? The hens hover around him!
This is Charlotte – a Polish bantam. Her eggs are tiny and cream colored.
This one lays deep brownish-red eggs. She is a Maran.
She wouldn’t stand still!!
This is a golden Wyndotte. She lays brown eggs.

Don’t you love this wonderful variety of hens and roosters? Such fun! There are about 80+ birds in Liam’s flock.

And Liam has a business selling “Liam’s Great Eggs.” He has a growing clientele… can’t even keep up with the demand! Come on, hens, keep on layin’. This is such a great learning opportunity for us all!

Pick out the eggs you want for your breakfast tomorrow~

See ya in the morning.

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  1. LOVE chickens!

  2. They are a fun “animal” … a lot of work… but at least they give you something for your work!!

  3. I loved their chickens! They’re beautiful and so are their eggs! I’m glad you’re enjoying your time with them ☺️

  4. Such a good day. I had no idea that hen’s eggs could be so varied in colour.

  5. Elaina Colby said:

    I loved those photos of the pups and chickens. I had no idea he had so many! That basket if eggs looks ready for Easter! 🐣

  6. Such beautiful pictures and you having a great time.

  7. Wow you are really looking so much you and your lovely Sister God bless you all Amen

  8. Beautiful Post i love them all

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