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Appreciating Photography

I appreciate
Good photography by friends
Here are my favorites

Ed Coyle’s view of the Tetons reflecting in Lake in Autumn
Caroline Feldman’s aspen in Autumn in Gravelly Range, Montana
Gloria Wilson’s pond in Sierra Mtn. area, California
Ed Coyle’s aspen & evergreens in Autumn
Linda Schott’s river and boat thru the aspen
Chuck Feldman’s boat on river
Brandi Seckinger’s Yellowstone National Park
Ed Coyle’s birds atop fir tree
Lisa Glines’ morning clouds
Madison River with scarlet reflections

Great photography
Inspires me to grab my phone:
Let SnapChat do it!!

Well, it was SOME of my favorites-
Hah! Too many to post ’em all!
See ya later…

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  1. Holy Smokes! Gorgeous!

  2. They are all beautiful!!

  3. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Gorgeous pics, thnaks for sharing.

  5. All soo beautiful!!♥️

  6. Jan, thank you for sharing these photos. I could look at them for quite some time, especially those from Montana. Ah, the Big Sky is the Last and Best Place!

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