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Valuable Volunteering

Is more than valuable
It is essential

Madison Valley Medical Center Auxiliary

These twenty-two gals
Work tirelessly to serve
Make and save money

Auxiliary gives
The profits from the Home Tours
Annual Event

One of the homes on the tour

The money goes to
Needs the Medical Center
Expresses to us

Always fun to serve
It is an excellent cause
Blessed to have the chance!

If you have your health
You are blessed beyond measure
So use it wisely!

Do you have the time and inclination to volunteer?
If so, I’d love to hear about it.

See ya tomorrow.

Comments on: "Valuable Volunteering" (6)

  1. In a way my career change was a kind of volunteering

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  2. My life group at church takes on different volunteer opportunities, such as manning the Salvation Army kettle at a supermarket, assisting with food distribution to area shut-ins, and helping with the Salvation Army’s red box campaign before Christmas.

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  3. I’m currently looking into volunteering options and have included the topic in my blog:
    Great to read about others volunteering!

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    • It says “The link you have followed has expired” when I tried to post a not to you. Thanks for your thoughtful post on the subject of volunteering.


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