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You’re Responsible

You’re Responsible

Healing with Art is a Facebook page I follow. Often, like today, they post something so noteworthy that I cannot help but copy and share it. Here is my inspiration for today.

If I were still teaching, I would create a place in my classroom with a mirror and signs using this idea. And I would add “Contentment” under “Behavior.”

You're Responsible - Healing with Art-FB

Don’t you love it?
What word would you add to the list?

IMG_8238 2

See ya tomorrow!

Comments on: "You’re Responsible" (7)

  1. Zael Sealing said:

    How ’bout “Dreams” (as in goals, ambitions) ?

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      • Zael Sealing said:

        I’m smiling as though I’m a young student in your class who just got something right!! 🙂 Thank you for that special moment…which also triggers a rare good school memory. I’ll share it quick: First Grade was my the highlight of my educational career. Learning to read was what skydiving must feel like–I LOVED it, probably because I excelled at it. When the teacher would call on us to read aloud, and she got to me, she’d say, “alright class, hang onto your seats while L reads”. Nervous, I read fast, but never missed a word–and she made me feel like I was good at something, and was proud of me…which I never got at home.

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      • Sweet memory! Teachers have life-long impacts on us, don’t they? I’m glad yours was positive from the first! Thanks for sharing. Have a Wonderful Wednesday.


      • Zael Sealing said:

        Blessings to you!!

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  2. Love this idea too!

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  3. Hi there, this is a great post. 🙂
    Two words that came to mind were “Success” and “Destiny”. God bless!

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