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Begin with Prayer

Want to know how to have a Terrific Tuesday?

Begin with prayer!

This is the prayer I pray every morning. Sing the first part with me:

I change the Thee’s and Thou’s to You and Your, but you can read it as is, if you prefer. The point is, we all need to ask God Daily to take away our impediments and fill us instead with the love, sympathy, courage, faith, strength, loyalty to Him, wisdom from Him, and His power … every morning as we start our day. If we do that with a sincere and humble heart, we have a much better chance of having everyday be:


Look for the best
in yourself and others
Begin each morning
With prayer.
Remember, too, that you
Do not pray alone!
See ya later!

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  1. I am a Muslim and we also start the day with a prayer. It is an obligation, if you observe it.

  2. Such an encouragement!

    • Thank you, Zael. Yes, indeed, it encourages me each morning! <3

      • It’s a great way to start the day–and I admire your discipline! I don’t wake up well, so I’m doing good if I open my eyes and say, “oh good, you’re still here, Lord–good morning”. 🙂 But seriously, it’s a great comfort to me to know He’s sitting beside my bed, watching over me all night–and that He’s there to start the day with me. One of the gifts I received when I had my “epiphany”–Easter Week, 2011–was understanding that I could “practice the presence of the Lord”. It was effortless, due to the power of the revelation I received that week, and it gets me through everyday (good or less than), to know He’s my Immanuel, present with me always. Sorry to ramble–I’ve not been to bed yet 🙂

      • What a comfort! I know that feeling! Have you blogged about your epiphany??

      • Not lately…maybe I should work on it again, polish it up 🙂

      • Yes, do that!!

      • Thanks for encouraging me.

  3. Yes, start each day with prayer!💝

  4. Excellent. Often, it’s what we already know that we need to hear, again and again. This prayer, which I embraced and prayed sincerely, reminds us of how God’s provisions—all we could ever need, is given on a daily basis…when we take the time to acknowledge and receive it each day. Thank you, Jan.

  5. That early morning prayer do make a difference!

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