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Gotta Love Bees!

Gotta Love Honeybees

My husband, Bob, is a retired beekeeper. During the 25+ years that he worked with honeybees, he had as many as 2000 hives. I have a passion about saving these insects. It’s about saving our world!

Have you hugged a honeybee today?

Gotta love those little insects –
The fuzzy little gals who sting.
They are essential to us, you know.
Important all year, not just in spring.

No, I don’t recommend you hug ’em.
They wouldn’t like it any more than you.
But, I do recommend you protect them.
Just think of all that they do.

Producing honey is not all they do!

While the honeybee is out working
To gather nectar and return to her hive,
She is pollinating the flowers
To produce the food that keeps us alive.

Just look at those pollen packs!!

One out of every three bites of our food
Is related to the work of the bees.
As they move from flower to flower,
They pollinate ground crops and trees.

Entomophily is the scientific name
Of the pollination activity.
It is crucial to the production
Of many crops and their proclivity.

Celery, strawberries, beets and mustard,
Broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and such
All rely on the honeybee for pollination.
Without their work, we wouldn’t have much.

Turnips and peppers, papaya and watermelon,
Oranges, coriander, cantaloupe, apples for you.
Squash and pumpkins, zucchini and quince,
Lemons, limes, and most fruit you love, too.

Alfalfa needs bees, and avocados do, too.
Lima beans, string beans and green beans,
Almonds and most of the nuts we eat…
I could go on, but you get what it means
To have honeybees in our world.
You can see why protection’s a must.
So, get the word out to love those bees!
They are essential to life; of that you can trust!

Get the word out!

Honeybees don’t want to sting you.
They have barbs on their stingers, you know;
So when they sting to protect themselves or their hive,
Their stinger stays in you – and they die. Oh no!

Don’t pinch the stinger out of your skin;
Just scrape it with your fingernail.
Get it out quickly so less poison goes in you,
And put ice on the spot. Don’t whimper and wail!

Bees create honey for their food

Bees are social insects who gather together
To divide up the work in hive and in field.
They create the honey for their own food,
And use the pollen like bread. Quite a yield!

A beehive is sterile – more clean than a hospital.
The bees line their entrance with propolis.
It sterilizes their feet when they cross the threshold.
They have a lot of tricks that would be good for us!

What flower would you want to bee?

You gotta love those honeybees!
They are essential to our life on earth.
If we don’t protect them and do the research,
Our lives here won’t have much worth!

The End!

Thank you, Roth Poetry,
for writing about our bees on your post!
It would be great if all my readers
would share this post with your friends.
Get the word out!
Gotta Love Those Honeybees!

See ya later, Honey!

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  1. A splendid post. Here is an earlier one of mine https://derrickjknight.com/2012/05/29/the-bees/
    I have to say I was scared

    • I am sure it was a scary experience, and a memorable one, to encounter an angry swarm of bees. I remember a similar experience when I was a kid, preschool age. I got my head into a yellow jacket nest. Their stingers have no barbs, so unlike the honeybee, they can sting repeatedly. They did so all the way back to my house. Unlike your experience, my mom shave my head. That was the most traumatic part of the whole experience! I’m glad your mom had the patience to pull out the stingers and dead bees, and leave your hair intact!!

  2. Yes, I adore bees Jan and do everything I can to attract them in my garden.. Luckily a few years back we had a wild bees nest in our garden they were no problem at all..
    Thank you for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚

    • The “wild bee nest” was probably a swarm who left their hive in search of a place with more room when their original home became too crowded. Swarming bees are generally quite docile because they gorge themselves on honey before a large portion of them leave.

    • cedricsnowman12 said:

      Indeed sue โ˜บ but for how long? Sorry I’m new here though.

      • Welcome to WordPress, Cedric. I hope you enjoy perusing various sites and that they inspire or entertain you.

      • cedricsnowman12 said:

        Yes of course I am a well educated military man and will do the things of God.

      • I try to do โ€œthings of Godโ€ also. The trick has to do with hearing Him and discerning His will. Not always easy!

      • cedricsnowman12 said:

        Have you ever been called on a missionary duties before? What’s your marital status? Do you prefer we talk privately or?

      • I am happily for 57 1/2 years!

      • cedricsnowman12 said:

        Oh yes and where I stay it’s a nice county I hardly guessed you will have siblings around lol

      • cedricsnowman12 said:

        Where are you from?

      • I am from Ennis, MT. Where are you from, Cedric?

      • cedricsnowman12 said:

        Oh OK I’m from Reno sparks NV separated for over 7years now and I have a daughter who’s 8years old. And yes I do the things of God too cause I’m a well educated military man and God fearing too.

      • I have a cousin in Sparks. Know that area well.

      • cedricsnowman12 said:

        So when last did you visit Reno sparks? Do you do missionary duties there? Are you divorced?

      • No, I am not a missionary. No, I am not going to Reno. No, I am not divorced and I am not looking for an amorous relationship. I have one with my dear husband of 57+ years!! You’re barking up the wrong tree!!

      • cedricsnowman12 said:

        Hopefully you are having a blessed evening today my dear โ˜บ. Really wanna talk to you. Do you plan on visiting Reno?

      • No plans to visit Reno soon. You can chat with me at bobjanbeek@yahoo.com … It’s better than the public WordPress forum for exchanging ideas personally.

  3. They are such magnificent creatures.

    • Yes, they are fun to study. Such an advanced civilization! We could learn a thing or two from them about sharing and working together cooperatively.

  4. Very informative ๐Ÿ

    • One of my purposes is to inform. Entertain and inspire are the other two. If you found it informative, I can consider mission accomplished! Thanks for visiting and responding <3

  5. You have done a beautiful and informative piece! I love it!

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  7. I’m so glad this is featured on your page I must have missed it. This is extremely interesting and important.๐Ÿ

  8. I love bees!

  9. Jan thank you so much for this. It’s one of my heart songs too, to protect the bees. I learned how to grow a honeybee flower garden recently. It’s going to happen! Meanwhile, very grateful to you for helping get the word out. “If I die, we all die” is the bottom line every heart must learn and memorize. I think the world is waking up. May it be/e. =) โ™ฅ.

  10. Yes this is very true. I wish more people understood the importance of the bees, as we need them to pollinate the flowers, as no other way to pollinate. Without pollinating there will be no fruits and some of the vegetables. Thank you for sharing and spreading this important message. Many Blessings from me from Brisbane Australia ๐Ÿ™‚ <3

    • Thank you for the affirmation. I appreciate your support for the cause of preservation. Mother Earth needs our help with her future! Have a lovely weekend. Thanks for your beautiful comment.

      • You are very welcome. Yes Mother Earth needs all our support to keep the environment clean and fresh for all the plants and animals to survive. Have a nice weekend yourself. Blessings coming from Brisbane Australia ๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡บ ๐Ÿ™‚

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