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The Power of Words

Give Compliments


Give Compliments

Haiku x8

woman wearing grey crew neck sweater

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When is the last time
Someone complimented you?
Who? Friend or stranger?

When is the last time
You complimented someone?
Who? Friend or stranger?

Which feels better –
A compliment from a friend
or from a stranger?

When do you speak up
To give out a compliment?
Is it natural?

Or do you have to
Struggle to give compliments?
Do you accept them?

What do you say back?
A simple “Thank You” will do.
Do not disagree.

“Oh, this old sweater?
I’ve had it for a long time.”
Try a humble, “Thanks!”

Speak sincere feelings,
And don’t underestimate
The power of words.

You’re Awesome!!
See ya tomorrow!

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  1. Soo true!! Great post!!

  2. Absolutely.i agree..great haikus.💕

  3. Compliments go such a long way! It can only make my day!

  4. This is Beautiful! A great word of Wisdom!

  5. Beautiful post ❤️🌸

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