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Love Uniqueness

Love Uniqueness


Sermon notes
from message based on
John 17:20-26
“That They May Be One.”

Jesus prayed for Oneness
For each divided sect.
As He is One with God,
He prayed we will show respect.

The ways in which we
Polarize ourselves here
Is tiring. It saddens me.
It brings no one cheer.
All people are more similar
Than different from each other.
We establish boundaries
To separate from our brothers.
We do it to prove that
We are right and we’re accepted.
We name others as losers
And place them outside  –  rejected.
Jesus prayed that we would just
Love One another – differences and all.
He prayed for our Oneness.
Honor uniqueness; stand tall!
Oneness is not about eliminating
The differences we see.
It’s about loving our uniqueness.
Love your neighbor, even your enemy!
It is about Oneness with God;
It’s a boundary-less love.
It’s only possible with help
From the Divine Source above.
If we call ourselves Christian,
We must stop bickering and be
The loving children our Creator intended.
Love differences;  love even me!

Be one with all.
In Christ’s Love we Pray,

JanBeek’s poetic notes
from a sermon
by Rev. Jean Johnson
at the Madison Valley Presbyterian Church
Ennis, Montana
June 2, 2019

What will you do today to demontrate your love for one another?
See you tomorrow

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  1. this is very lovely Jan.

  2. Great Message! It reminds me of another one that I read a few days ago….


  3. Wonderfully written poem Jan. I like how you use notes from the sermon to establish a theme and content.

    • Thank you. I am appreciative of your accolade and recognition of my “use of notes.” The notes ARE the poem… basically unedited when shared here. I just “hear” the message in poetic form. I know it’s a gift! <3

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