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Uplifting Friends

True friends stick by you

Even when you’re far away

They live happily in your heart

And warm it every single day


They send you cards to uplift

And call you out of the blue

They ask about your family

And listen after “How are you?”


They say they’re thinking of you

They share their thoughts and prayers

They remember to inquire about

Your health, your joys, your scares


When you’re feeling especially happy

They’re the ones you want to call

When you’re worried, sad, or blue,

They help you stand up tall


Just thinking of those friends

Puts a smile on your face

Each day thank the Lord for them

They’re witnesses to God’s Grace!

Comments on: "Uplifting Friends" (13)

  1. I love this!! So true!

  2. True Friends are invaluable Jan.. And that was a wonderful poem to give thanks for them. <3

  3. Friends like you have described are hard to find and invaluable. They make all the difference and make life worthwhile. May we all experience a beautiful friendship. Well penned.

  4. So true

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