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Today is my son, Ty Beekman’s, 54th birthday. He and his wife, Monika, live in California. They are empty nesters for the first time in two dozen years. It must be a different kind of feeling – – – I remember my first empty-nester days. Do you? Are you there yet?

This is the kind of birthday when this picture is a good reminder:

slow dance in kitchen

I hope Ty & Monika enjoy a few slow dances… and at least one of their 4 children comes home to help them celebrate.

Mom’s love and hugs are sent special delivery… Thank God for Birthday Alarms (do you have that app?). It has a host of cards to choose from – and it reminds you a week inĀ  advance of every birthday you program into it.

happy birthday card beside flower thread box and macaroons

Photo by Giftpundits.com on Pexels.com

I don’t think I needed a reminder for this particular birthday, however. Not many moms forget the birthday of their first born! Snail mail card and box with gift may be a little late getting there, but the thoughts are never late.

Happy Birthday, Tyroneeee!

I love you!!

I bet God danced on the day YOU were born, too, my friend.
When is your birthday?

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  1. With my first-born’s birthday coming up in a week, you can imagine this was a poignant post. An excellent one, all the same

    • My heart wrenches for yours, Derrick. I cannot imagine the pain of such a loss. It is unnatural for our children to transition before we do! But, I take comfort in the faith that God has our days on earth numbered, and we all shall meet again “in the sweet by and by.”

  2. Happy birthday to your son! Wishing him many more years. Blessings to him.

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