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I Wish You CAVU

I wish you CAVU.

Do you know what CAVU is?

I didn’t until today.

Mike Pence spoke eloquently at George H.W. Bush’s funeral today. I loved his reference to the letter GHW Bush sent last August to Pence’s son. In the letter former President Bush referred to his understanding of Mike Pence’s pride in the accomplishments of his son, and he mentioned his desire for the young Pence to adopt the “CAVU Spirit”.

I had not heard of CAVU before. As a Navy pilot speaking to a young Marine who had recently reached a new pilot’s landmark, each man understood the acronym from a personal perspective.

Like Geo. H.W. Bush’s wish to Mike Pence’s son, I also wish you CAVU today and always:

“Ceiling and visibility unlimited.”


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  1. Amen! Yes!

  2. Awwww…I’ve never heard of it either. Bush was a good man. He really was. Thanks for sharing this!

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