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October Memories

Happy October to you, my friends!
May this month of changing colors
Find you healthy, happy, and looking forward
To the joy this season brings your way.

I decided today to look back at
Some of past October’s joys.
Fun to reminisce and search memories;
Don’t you agree? Those colors add noise!

Trees of green turn and shout out red,
Spreading their joy to all.
May we, likewise, determine
To spread our joy this fall.

These trees are near our home;
Every fall they decorate the course
Where golfers enjoy the coolness
And we celebrate nature’s Source.

We may not be able this year
To follow our friends up on trails
Where the fall colors blaze;
But we’ll follow along on all their details.

We’ll remember fondly our rides
With friends who also had pups –
Like our TazE (who’s in heaven now) –
Their love filled our cups.

The plant outside my window
Is reminding me daily of the cold
That is right around the corner…
The colorful changes never seem old.

Galatians 4:10

“You observe days and months and seasons and years.”

Observe the blessings
of the changing season
Knowing every change
Is for a very good reason.

Everywhere we look these days
We see the signs of the changing season.
It is a beautiful time of year –
And we welcome it to breeze in!

We’d welcome you to breeze in, too.
Come visit the 2Beeks in Montana state…
Even on the coldest of days, we enjoy
Sharing ice cream with you; It’s never too late!

Happy Autumn Hugs
(and the ice cream loving Beekster)

Comments on: "October Memories" (22)

  1. Thank you for the good work you do. And lastly I want to say sorry I didn’t mean
    to annoy you. Am sorry my friend please forgive me

  2. Anonymous said:

    Wonderful memories of Autumn 🍁

  3. Anonymous said:

    October 1st is the first day of wrestling practice in high school.

  4. Dear Jan, thanks for the beautiful thoughts and pictures, wirh love and hugs

  5. Beautiful pictures! Ice cream is for any day of the year:)

  6. A beautiful post Jan. You have had a great month!

  7. Upbeat as always all the same XX

  8. I so enjoyed this. October is a month of warm reflections… I feel a blog of my own coming into the light… ha! Thank you.

  9. Anonymous said:

    Jan, thank you for sharing these autumn delights. The fall colors are just beginning to arrive, but recent heat and lack of rain will speed up the journey. Keeping you and Bob in my thoughts and prayers.

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