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We Need More Empathy

Sympathy = “I feel FOR you.”
Empathy = “I feel AS you.”

Ah, we need more empathy!
We need more people who are willing
to put themselves in another person’s shoes…

Not just feel sorry for the one who suffers, but feel his/her suffering
– and try to do something to alleviate it.
I discovered a new blogger today (new to me) – “Ly-die” –
who wrote an eloquent post on this topic.
I really appreciated it, and I think you will, too.

Click below:

Have a terrific Thursday! Our daughter, DeAna, and son-in-law, Andre’ are with us this week. They surprised us by bringing along with them our 1980-81 AFS Exchange student (Christian Zufferey) and his wife, Celia. Chris (ZuZu) is Andre’s cousin… and he has not been to the USA in over 30 years! You can imagine our pure JOY at seeing him and his dear spouse at our door!

Yesterday we toured Ennis and stopped at “The Long Branch” for a few libations.
That’s De & Andre’ on the left and ZuZu with Celia on the right.
I’m the happy camper in the middle!

Bob stayed home and then joined us later when we a went to our neighbors’ place (the Ducsays) for “TMW” – (what’s that – you ask?) – Hah – “Too much wine!” The picture doesn’t show our joy! We were having a grand time!

Today our Swiss guests are spending time in Yellowstone Park.
It’s a beautiful blue sky day here.
What are you up to??

Enjoy your Thursday…
I send my love and empathy your way.


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  1. Wonderful moments together and I agree with you. We should try to understand others by thinking from their point of view. Thank you for the link. Regards, Lakshmi

  2. I know you will have a good week

  3. Oh, this is good!

  4. You are amazing. I don’t know how you keep up with all you do. So nice your daughter and old friends could visit you! Take care….

  5. Dear Jan… Thank you for being YOU, for sharing all that you do.. You are my first port of call upon my returning to my blog this evening. Your Love and Empathy, your devotion to your family… Your JOY in living and loving LIFE is contagious. Sending Huge hugs from the UK.. xx <3

  6. Anonymous said:

    What a wonderful surprise! It looks like everyone enjoyed this memorable time.

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