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Are You So-Called Normal?

“You will find enough of the abnormal
in the so-called normal to meet your needs,”
Mrs Wilhelmina Harbert said to me.

A Country Living quote shared by Sue Newell
prompted me to remember that advice from my college counselor.
I was majoring in music therapy.
It was my junior year.
I was having sleepless nights.

Music Therapy jobs were few and far between.
Most were in State Hospitals where severely disturbed patients were.
The thorns in my dear music therapy patients at the Stockton State Hospital
where I was interning kept me from seeing their beauty.
I only saw their distress.
And I cared too much.
I couldn’t leave the thorns behind
when I left. I carried them with me.

Mrs. Harbert wisely suggested I switch my major to regular education.
“You love people. You care about them.
Our public school classrooms need people like you.”
So, in my senior year, I began the work of obtaining
my regular elementary education teaching credential.

Smartest move I could have made!

Sure enough- there’s a lot of crazy in each of us! Sometimes it’s our most lovable part!

I used my music 🎶 as therapy every day in the classroom
with countless so-called normal kids.
It helped calm the abnormal in them.
I helped them appreciate their uniqueness.
(I’ll write more about how music therapy worked
in another blog later that week.)

Music helped my students
appreciate the fun
in those outside the norm
parts of us.

I hope you appreciate the parts of you
that are outside the norm, too.
They make you special.
Do you know what some of them are?

Tell me!

It’s fun to know I have a lot of the abnormal
in my so-called “Normal” self!

See ya tomorrow.
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  1. A lovely post. As you know, I, too had a change of direction from apparent security of employment to the riskier business of working with people. I guess my craziness is just that – I remain steady then suddenly take an unexpected path because my spirit moves me

    • Oh yes, Derrick, and so many lives were blessed by that blessed decision! Thank you for your response and for being my spirit brother – bonded in the love of giving to others as we have Vern given. My love to you & Jackie ❤️❤️

  2. Great post ❤️

  3. Music in your classroom – must have been wonderful for the students!

    • Yes, in the classroom – and outside, too, with the accordion strapped on, off we went to the playground to square dance! My 4th grade teacher waaaay back when taught me the beauty of square dancing as a PE activity. It’s something we could do outside in good weather, but inside, too, when the weather was inclement. Thank you for reading and responding! I need to go check out your blog!

    • Yes, I know they enjoyed it – and never see an accordion without thinking of me.

  4. Loved learning a little more about you Jan.. And I am far from Normal my friend.. You are so caring and Kind… No wonder I am not surprised in reading you helped others with your Music Therapy… Wonderful Jan…
    Sending LOVE and Hugs.. Have a great weekend <3 xx And you look lovely by the way xx

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