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God is My Gizzard!

Last time I clicked on “Reblog” and tried to post this 2020 entry,
folks were unable to access it. Hopefully the “Reblog” will work this time.
It’s a fun, inspirational post, I hope you enjoy revisiting it.


Have a Happy Week!


Comments on: "God is My Gizzard!" (12)

  1. Elaina Colby said:

    The link to work just fine and I really appreciated the message that God is my gizzard.

    • Glad you could access it. Happy Monday to you, Laina… may you always rely on the purifying spirit of our Lord! Love ya, LainaLainaLaina <3

  2. DeDe Sunshine said:

    Ditto what Elaina wrote 🥰😘

  3. The link was superb! I have a newfound love and respect for gizzards! I’m so grateful God is my gizzard! Thank you for being such an encourager! You’re a breath of fresh air! Much love and hugs!

  4. Hi Jan,
    The link worked! Everything is beautiful about that post, messages and pictures.

  5. Yes – it worked fine

  6. Great message!!!!

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