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I Surrender

On this Ash Wednesday:

I surrender all to Jesus
I give Him all I’ve got
It all came from God anyway
He owns all I’ve bought

He made me heart and soul
He made me flesh and blood
He gave me all I own
He made me from dust and mud

And now as we enter Lent
(The forty days before Christ’s death)
May I renew and affirm today
That I surrender to Him my every breath.

We are snowed in today.
The storm is ferocious!
It’s below zero out there
and my house is cold, too.
Heater can’t keep up with the need!

So, hunker down,
stay inside,
cuddle up,
keep each other warm.

God bless you
as you join me…
Surrender to our Maker –
and ask Him to ease up on us –

Enough already!!

Love ya,

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  1. I’m so glad that the blanket I bought you is helping to keep you warm! I love you! 😘😘❀️❀️

    • Yes, I love that blanket!! If you will recall, it says, “Bear Hugs” and “Healing Energy” and “Prayer” and “Harmony” and “Comfort” and all kinds of other positive words all over it. I feel your love when I am wrapped in it! <3 Thank you, DeDe!! <3

      • I’m so glad! I bought it especially for you because of those words. 🫢🏼

  2. A fine trusting prayer. May your weather improve – wish from us both

  3. Jan, I appreciate this post so much. Indeed, Lent fills our needs to search deeper into our faith. I am pleased to see that the Arctic cold is about ready to skidaddle from Montana. Here in central Ohio, we escaped the storm, but hello Toledo and Cleveland.

  4. I hope all went well with your surgeries. I think you will find your vision is much improved. It is amazing what they can do. I love the music!

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