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Being Human

“Humans don’t always know how to be human.”
That was the sentence that caught my attention
In last Sunday’s sermon about love.
Is loving one another our sincere intention?

Most of us know the Bible’s definition;
We’ve heard the scripture countless times.
But reading it, saying it, and doing it
Aren’t the same – not even sometimes.

Mary Grace Reynolds took the topic
Of love on Super Bowl Sunday
(The week of Valentine’s Day)
And related it to a movie and play.

The movie was “Remember the Titans.”
The play was football and dance.
Some newly integrated football players
Were brought together by chance.

Photo by football wife on Pexels.com

On the football field they never joined
Together and danced as one.
During practice their coach
Sent the players out on a run.

The coach stopped them at
Gettysburg – a place of war –
A place where 50,000 men died
Fighting the fight we’ve fought before.

Take a lesson from the dead;
Come together on hallowed ground.
Learn to play in harmony.
Set aside prejudice; let oneness be found.

Push yourself aside for the good
Of the whole – learn to love.
Display the honest hope and possibilities
Born of God – born to hug and not shove.

The Galatians had the same problem –
Fighting, arguing, not loving.
Paul wrote a letter to them,
Encouraging huddling, not shoving!

Galatians 3:19-29

Paul says we are wearing the identity of Christ
and while we come from difference,
and difference is beauty.
We are nothing except Christians

Galatians 5

Like the Titans, we have to change our actions and attitudes.
We have to put on the uniform and come ready to win.
Recognize we as the players need one another.
Remember we are the players,
not the coach.

Photo by Kampus Production on Pexels.com

Come ready to play the game
Of patience forgiveness, and love,
Do not be a slave to estrangement.
Take coaching from our God above.

Faith working through love frees us –
So be careful you don’t get eaten up
By the ways we differ – find unity.
Play to win – not to get beaten up!

Let God teach us to be human.
Christ is our coach – always!
He made us to play together in peace.
Let’s claim that identity and give God the praise.


You will know I am human –
You will know I was made by God
to love you and guard your dignity
by my love!

Love to you…
and hugs in unity

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  1. Elaina Colby said:

    Amen! What a great message! Yesterday when I was walking Kiba and man stopped me and asked me what breed Kiba was. Kiba is a Shiba Inu. He’s a cutie. A lot of people ask me that question and comment about his curly tail and permanent smile. The man talked to Kiba and to me. We mentioned the nice weather, the absent Winter season in Maryland and eventually migrated to our favorite foods etc. Suddenly he said, “People need to do more of this!” I said, “Oh yes! We need to get out and walk and enjoy the outdoors more often!” He said, “No, I’m talking about talking to each other and being friendly! Look how we are talking to each other and not worrying about me being black and you being white!” I replied, “Well, that didn’t even cross my mind! I’m friendly to everyone.” 🙂
    We all need to love and be kind!

  2. A superb message from Grace so well presented by you

  3. Humans are created to be humane! Let’s all practice the love that’s built into us!!

  4. Jan, this post blesses me with encouragement for continuing to pray for unity in our divided world. There are lessons to apply to our daily journey from Galatians and “Remember the Titans.” Only through God’s love will His grace soften another hardened heart.

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