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NanoPoblano2022 invited us to reblog an old post each day during this month of November. I’m having fun going back through some of my first posts… Here is one from 2013 … as pertinent today as it was 9 years ago…

A New Day Shines Before Me

A New Day

A new day shines before me –
Bright as the morning sun.
It’s stretched out on the horizon –
A happy, “Good Morning, everyone!”

A new day shines before me –
But first I must be still.
Listen for God’s voice within –
And prepare to do God’s Will.

A new day shines before me –
Full of promise, full of needs.
I pray and ask, “What can I do
To be Your Love in thoughts and deeds?”

A new day shines before me –
I hear the Holy Spirit within
Saying, “Go – and see the world as Christ did.
Be Love, Joy, Peace. Ready? Begin!”

Have a Fabulous Friday, my friends.
Thank you for visiting JanBeek.
See ya tomorrow for Reblog #4.

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  1. Love the poem Jan! I’m glad you posted the link to your blog again so I could find it!

  2. Beautiful! The photo and the poem! Thank you for sharing both, Jan!

    • I am so late in acknowledging your comments, Russ. Sorry bout that! I took a break while my grandchildren were with me. But, I’m back – and enjoying your remarks. Thank you for dropping by and taking time to leave me a note ;o)

  3. And what a beautiful NEW DAY you bring us dear Jan.. each and every time you post.. Loved your poem Jan.. <3

  4. Good morning Jan… what a beautiful day to rejoice ❤️

  5. Elaina Colby said:

    What a wonderful poem and reminder to us all to approach each new day with an attitude of gratitude and a willingness to listen (and respond) to God‘s plans for us.

  6. Amen! Jan, your awesome poem is a wonderful way to begin each day. Saluting another Montana sunrise.

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