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Glorious Montana Colors

Today is National Smile Day.
Our glorious Montana Colors
will sure give you something to smile about!

I am smiling at our glorious Montana colors today!

We took a drive from Ennis
up into the Tobacco Root Range
up North MeadowCreek
above McAllister
where our friends,
Mary & Paul Carlson live.

The colors along the roadside
were so glorious!
I got out to take this picture
instead of looking though
our cracked windshield
like I did on that first photo.

My blogging friend, Dwight Roth, took this.
His colors are as spectacular as ours.
Are the colors changing where you are?

We visited Paul and Mary at their house.
We met a new friend as we were
traveling up to Paul’s little cabin.
Paul & Mary invited him
to come on home with them.

This piece of old mining equipment
was found abandoned along the roadway
leading up to their house.
A friend helped them haul it into their backyard

The mining apparatus
fits perfectly with the remains of
this old mining shed
(that’s also in their backyard).
It was probably built in the late 1800’s.

The views from their backyard
are breathtaking!
They just completed this fence
last week – attempting to keep the deer
out of their greenhouse and flowerbeds.

Mary inherited this old barn
when she bought this mountain property
Paul uses it now as his “Man Cave.”
It’s where he creates magical things
with all his woodworking equipment.

Paul took Bob & me up to see
the property he dreamed about
as a kid… and the cabin he and
nine of his friends built there
-around 2005 –
(same year we came to MT).

Many happy memories are tucked in here!

The road leading to/from the cabin
is lined with wonderful aspen
that shine their gold this time of the year.

Some farmers raise cattle in this high country.

Autumn is a wonderful season
It brings with it colors galore
I love the fall leaves and scenery
I hope you can get out and explore

Do get out before all the leaves drop.
Pick up your pup and take a hike.
Tell me about your choices:
Which of the scenes did you particularly like?

See ya later, my friends.
Bee well!


Comments on: "Glorious Montana Colors" (11)

  1. I think I would like Montana.

  2. What a beautiful world! And it’s even prettier when you are in it!

  3. Elaina Colby said:

    What a fun day! I’m looking forward to the trees changing here in Maryland. We’re a little behind Montana’s schedule. I love that last photo of you and Pops and the pup! ☺️

  4. Jan, thanks for sharing this delightful photo tour. Two of my favorites: the old barn (what stories it could tell) and the creek (love the contrast of water, trees, and mountains). While I have never driven this direction, I can vividly remember the road from McAllister to the dam and beyond.

    • Thank you, Richard, for your delightful response. I hope someday you and your wife will make that drive to this part of Montana. It’s only an hour from BZN, you know. You have family there, right?

  5. Beautiful photos of the Fall changes. All gorgeous. Looks like you had a great trip to visit your friends. (I am not sure that is my photo. I do not remember it!) :>)

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