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Embrace Kind Thoughts

Today I am reblogging a post by Pat Cegan… It touched me … and inspired me to want to be sure my palette is comprised of the kind thoughts of compassion, love, and other gifts of the Spirit Pat describes.

Thank you, Pat!

Unkind Thoughts — Source of Inspiration

An unkind thought is a double edge blade. It cuts the sender and receiver. If our thoughts covered receivers with visible colors, what colors would the world be? Am I creating rainbows of harmony or do dark colored clouds fill my world? May I have a palette of compassion yellow, healing greens, sacred purples, love-filled […]

Unkind Thoughts — Source of Inspiration

What color are your thoughts?

I pray you will blow any dark colored clouds away
but keep the rainbow of harmony!

Photo by Jakob on Pexels.com
Photo by 42 North on Pexels.com

Sending you my love.
See ya tomorrow (God willing)


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  1. Peter Martin said:

    Kindness can be any color. Like a weapon, it can be used to hurt or heal. But if I had to be specific, I’d start with the natural world and include rainbows, deep or glacial lakes, living plants, old ice, rainbow trout and salmon, robin’s eggs, hummingbirds plumage, apples, peaches and cherry blossoms, a babies grasp around a finger and the darkness of a thunderstorm.

  2. The world definitely needs much more kindness shared and embraced. Jan, thanks for sharing Pat’s post.

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