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Embrace Helpers

Where would we be without the helpers in our lives?
Yesterday a young lady came and helped me clean my house.
Climbing ladders to get to light fixtures and getting down
on my hands and knees to do floors is just not in the cards
for this 82-year-old body any more. God bless my helper!

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

While I was getting help inside, Bob had two helpers out in the yard.
Like my inability to climb ladders and spend time on my knees,
Bob has discovered that his body has some new limitations, too.
It’s just not wise for him to try to trim the trees
or do all the weeding and hedging on his own.
Thank God for the young, strong helpers
who are willing to come and lend a hand!

Our daughter, DeAna, in Switzerland,
had need of repair this week.
She had polyps in her uterus.
Thank God, they were benign,
but they needed to be removed.
Thanks to the “helper” who used her gold dust
to repair/scrape De’s uterus and bring her
back to full health… more beautiful than ever!

Photo by Lisa on Pexels.com

Just as we need help with the physical work
as we add years to our bodies,
so do we need help with tasks
that are beyond our skill levels.

Today our daughter, Laina, discovered a problem she couldn’t fix.
A neighbor’s tree had lost a limb during a recent storm,
and the limb crashed through her guest bedroom window.
With the help of a gracious and talented helper,
she now has a new double-paned glass.
Thank God for helpers!

I am reading a book titled, “Life is Messy” by Matthew Kelly.
In it he describes the Japanese art of Kintsugi.
It is repairing broken objects with glue that has gold in it.

He wrote, “When a vase or bowl or cup is broken,
artists gather up the broken pieces and glue them back together.
…They mix gold dust with the glue. They don’t try to hide the cracks.
They own them, honor them, even accentuate them.”

Matthew Kelly’s point in bringing in the concept of Kintsugi
is that we all are broken and in need of repair.

He asks the question, “Can someone who has been broken
be healed, and become more beautiful and more lovable
than every before?”

And his resounding YES is illustrated by these repaired bowls.

He makes this point very clear:
“We are each other’s wounded healers.
We posses the gold dust needed to glue other people back together,
making them more beautiful and lovable than ever.”

Where would we be without the helpers in our lives?
Our broken souls would remain broken… and
Our sad hearts would break in two…
without those who love us with their gold dust of love
that glues us back together again!

Embrace Helpers…
Those who help us clean,
Those who help us garden,
Those who repair our cars
or fix our broken windows…
Those who help us heal…
God bless them all!

God bless YOU for being a helper.

I made sandwiches for those young people who
were out there helping Bob with his yard work.
We each can do our part – we all can be helpers!

How did you use your gold dust to help someone else today?

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  1. Elaina Colby said:

    I’m so happy to hear you have those helpers. I would gladly come help you with the inside and outside work especially knowing there’s a delicious sandwich waiting for me! I am so grateful to Bob (of Bob’s Glass and Window Repair) who graciously answered my text at 8 am and offered to fix my window even though he started his vacation today! He and his wife have not had a day off for the last 18 months because he works long hours and then takes care of his 85-year-old mother who has Alzheimer’s. Helpers all around! Bless him for helping me today!

    • So glad you have helpful people around you, too. Wish you lived in our “hood”… would love to have you closer! <3

  2. This is a lovely post! Thank you for the reminder that helpers of any kind is essential for making the world a better place.
    I’ll check out the book you mentioned. Very interesting concept!
    Have a great weekend and glad to hear your daughter is recovering and polyps are benign. Must’ve been scary while waiting for results.

    • Indeed, it is always difficult to wait for results … but God assured me that worry was not a healthy response … so I just prayed!

  3. You are so right on this… helpers are priceless! Especially at our age!

  4. What a blessing we have in the helpers in our lives. I am thankful you and Bob have some help with keeping your treasured home and beautiful yard in good care.

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