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Embrace Fly Fishing

It’s a beautiful evening
for a maiden fly fishing adventure.
Bob & Steve took Mary Grace out on the Madison.

First, she needed a rod, reel, tippet, and some flies.
Steve Hundley made a box of ’em for her!
Then he taught her how to tie one on.
Every flyfisherperson needs a good pair of boots.
Thank you, Fran McNiell!!
Every fisherperson needs a license, too.
Next year Mary Grace will be a resident
and it won’t cost as much, we hope!
It was $120 for non-residents this year.
That was quite an increase!
Mary Grace watched carefully as Bob readied the boat.
Three happy fisher(wo)men!! Almost ready…
OK, boat’s in the water… now hop in!
The weather was warm (92 degrees) –
but it will be cooler on the river.
I watched to be sure they were on their way…
(They put in at 8 Mile Fishing access)
Then I drove the pick up with trailer home.
Happy Fly Fishing, Mary Grace.
I hope you have a great time!!

Stay tuned, friends.
I’ll give you a report tomorrow to let you know how they did.
I hope they are able to catch a few big ones.
They will call when they are ready
for me to get them at the “take out” in Ennis.
Bob says, “The tug is the drug.”

Do YOU embrace fly fishing??

Comments on: "Embrace Fly Fishing" (13)

  1. A day to remember. I don’t fish πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hah! I don’t either, {{{Derrick}}} – but I love the scenery around the river. It’s
      “catch and release” here on the Madison, so they do it for the sport of it. And the fishing was mainly fly casting and rowing- Bob said he only caught one small one… and unfortunately Mary Grace didn’t catch one at all. 😦

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  2. I used to go fishing as a teen. Can’t remember catching anything, but I enjoyed the experience.

    Liked by 1 person

    • That was Mary Grace’s experience yesterday, too. A lot of practice casting, but no catches! She said she actually prefers wade fishing – – – that way she can create space between herself and other people’s ears, eyes, etc. Balancing on the boat – especially when the anchor wasn’t holding – was much more difficult than standing in the river!


  3. Beautiful photos and what an experience! fly-fishing! 🐠🐑🐟 Jan I loved your post. I’ve fished before but never flyfishing, which looks sooooo relaxing! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Bob says, β€œThe tug is the drug.” I like that! Looks like a great day to be on the river. Beautiful post and photos!


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