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Embrace God’s Will

Elfchen (or Elevenies) are 11 word poems
in the configuration of 5 line stanzas,
each with a count of 1+2+3+4+1.

Is here
He’s always near
I feel His presence

Speaks clearly
Read His Word
And follow His Commandments

Knows best
Open your heart
Feel Him inside you

Is patient
He always understands
He waits for us

(Relax… God’s gotcha covered)
(Yes, “Where He leads me I will follow –
with JOY!)

Thanks for visiting JanBeek today.

I’m headed for church this morning.
I hope you are, too.

See you later.

Comments on: "Embrace God’s Will" (5)

  1. nice and beautiful mam….:)

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  2. Jan, I like how you captured the essence of God’s will in our abilities to listen, obey, trust, and follow . . . God! Your Elfchen series work so well with this theme.

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    • Thank you, {{{Richard))) – you inspire me! ❤ Have a Marvelous Monday! ❤ I've been wishing people a "Terrific Tuesday"!! Hah- don't rush it!! Time travels fast enough as it is!


  3. I have learned so much from you about poems!! Thank you! 🌻💛

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    • Thank you, {{{Charlotte}}} – I am glad to hear that, but I know so little about poetry myself! I am a work in progress!
      P utting
      O ur
      E ssence
      T ogether
      R eaps
      Y earning

      I love acrostics. I yearn for more poetic forms to express the essence of my ideas!

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