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Good Friends Are Slippers

Good Friends are Slippers,
Comfortable and Warm,
Sturdy and Reliable,
Trudging through Life’s Storm.

Always There When Needed,
Showing No Pretenses,
Listening and Loving,
Scaling Broken Fences.

Photo by Arvid Knutsen on Pexels.com

Providing a Foundation
Of Sturdiness Untold.
Good Friends are Slippers –
More Comfortable when Old.

If You are Blessed with Friends
As Comfortable and Warm as Slippers,
Hang on Tight; Don’t Cut ’em Out.
Put Away the Clippers!

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

You Can’t Measure Their Worth
With a Ruler or Some Tape.
Good Friends are Slippers.
Don’t Let Their Warmth Escape!

My blanket from my friend, Terry…
Cozy hugs and warmth –
here whenever I need them!
New since we moved to Montana.
She’s here whenever I need her!
What a blessing!
Thank you, Terry!

Keep the old and make some new;
One is silver, the other is gold.
True Friends are Slippers –
Treasures with comfort untold.

Dear Marcie,
An “Old” Friend…
Best Buddies since the ’50s.
Comfortable and Warm!

May your life be warmed
With the comfort of many-a true friend.
God bless and keep them safe.
May those friendships never end.

I Am
Grateful and Loving

Who’s that Friend
Who is a Slipper
For You?

Thanks for visiting
Come back tomorrow…
And have a warm and comfortable week.

Here’s one of my favorite songs and singers
from the 1950’s when I was in high school.
The words fit today’s message so well!

Dinah Shore

Comments on: "Good Friends Are Slippers" (15)

  1. Love your poem Jan. Friends are indispensable.for sure.Great job. This reminds me of the old shirt that feels like a hug.

  2. This is witty, fun, and simply beautiful!
    I love most the line: “Good friends are slippers —- more comfortable when old!” So true.

    I do have a few friends who are my slippers. I praise the Lord for them.

  3. Lovely poem Jan❤️ Indeed true friends are blessings but really hard to find. 😊 You look beautiful Jan❤️

    My very special and first friend will always be my mother, then my younger sister and fortunately, after my marriage, I find so much Comfort with my husband being my third close and true friend. 🙂💚

  4. A very special post jan, I’m sure your friends are saying the same about you! You feel very cosy and warm❤️ sending you love x Barbara x

  5. Such an apt simile

  6. Elaina Colby said:

    You are not only my MomBee but you are definitely my cozy slipper friend! I’m blessed to be besties with you and of course your dear daughter DeAna, my BFF! Friends for many decades past and more to come. “Always There When Needed,
    Showing No Pretenses,
    Listening and Loving,
    Scaling Broken Fences.”
    I love you DeDeBee and MomBee forever and always!

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