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Mountain Majesty

Thank you, Ed Coyle, for this beautiful photo of the grand Tetons in Wyoming.

My friends, Terry and Jim Groshong, are hiking in the area of the Tetons this week. It is such a gorgeous area. I need to share some of their photos with you.

The Tetons are truly amazing!
Terry & Jim enjoyed a visit to this museum today.
There’s my dear friend, Terry.
Bob calls her Sparkles (because she does).
Great photo, huh?
That previous photo
had to have been taken
through one of these holes,
don’t you think?

Don’t these photos make you want to take a trip to Jackson Hole, WY, and on to the areas around? Terry and Jim did some hiking… You may want to plan on that, too.

Bob and I worked at the manse (church parsonage) today. He painted the area above the garage door where the paint was chipping due to years of snow and sun bearing down on it. I stayed with Bob while he did this project yesterday and today. Not a good idea for an 81 year old to be up on ladders and scaffolding. But, it had to be done.

While Bob painted, we had an audience:

With a little noise, she got up and spent about a half an hour munching on the lawn.

Meantime, Bob completed his job. The manse looks refreshed!

That was the gray base coat. I’ll show you the finished product tomorrow. Time to go now and listen to our Presidential Debate between Biden and Trump. I pray for honest exchange and civility.

See ya tomorrow.

Love ya,

Comments on: "Mountain Majesty" (15)

  1. I didn’t watch the debate but read my friends’ comments about it. Nope….no civility or honesty came from Trump! Arrrrrrgh! He has GOT to go! But I heard Biden didn’t shine as much as he should. I think it must’ve been close to impossible to do so while debating that horrible man who we call the president of the USA. 😡πŸ˜₯ But on another topic….wow! Gorgeous photos of the Tetons! I bet after watching that shit show of a debate you wanted nothing more than to drink a bottle of wine while communing with pure nature and forgetting about the plight of our country!

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  2. Nice captures πŸ˜πŸ‘β€πŸŽ€

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  3. Bob is a brave man. I am sorry that your debate prayers were unanswered

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  4. Beautiful pictures Jan! It’s always so refreshing to read your posts. Your audience is so adorable ❀️
    Take care!! 😊

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  5. Beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharingπŸ™‚πŸ‘

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  6. Jan, the opening photo of the majestic Grand Tetons blew me away. It is of the best photos ever! When I can finally travel, I would enjoy traveling through Wyoming and seeing the Grand Tetons on my way toward the Big Sky.

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    • I look forward to your travel and mine … and to the day we cn meet face-to-face. Thanks for the compliment on that photo. I think it was another of our local artist, Ed Coyle’s genius behind the lens.


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