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Do You See White Supremacy?

Photo by Ivan Bertolazzi on Pexels.com

Do I see myself
As a white supremacist?
Am I prejudiced?

Sometimes we don’t see
The worst things in you and me
We turn a blind eye

May peace and love be
Multiplied in you and me
Freely given out

May peace and love be
The aura that surrounds us
Reflecting God’s love

Let hatred be gone
And have no place in our hearts
Only compassion

Let prejudices
Be recognized and dealt with
Live in unity

White supremacy
Is an unrecognized force
Most do not see it

Help us recognize
How we add to the problem
May we only love

Let’s go out and just DO LOVE!
Go out and forge a path of peace
By seeing things and thinking things differently.
We are not our skin …
We are not our jobs…
We are not what others see…
We are our souls!
Don’t follow the crowd –
Forge your own path
And live love!!

How does White Supremacy affect you?
Do you see it??
Do you see your own hidden prejudices?
How can we be
Great Minds that Think Alone?
Great Minds that Reflect Love and Peace?
Think about it.
Be SURE to watch the video!!

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Photo by ATC Comm Photo on Pexels.com

Comments on: "Do You See White Supremacy?" (25)

  1. Powerful video! Jan, it definitely makes anyone pause and reflect. I ask the Lord every day to help me walk in His light. There are many questions swirling around, and the righteous answers will come to those who walk behind our Lord.

    • That’s the key, isn’t it, Richard? We must learn to walk BEHIND Him and let Him lead us. Thank you for reading and responding. I am glad you found the video as powerful as I did. <3

  2. Fran McNeill said:

    Oh Jan, this video is spot on. When in psych graduate school, I took an amazingly powerful course in Diversity. I loved it! Having grown up in the South with Civil Rights issues at the forefront, I was at odds with all my bigoted family. How heartbreaking that we are still here today. It’s hard to believe. It is regrettable that history appears to repeat itself. Will we ever learn and embrace the message that Christ brought to earth? I don’t know and pray for this everyday. Bless you my dear friend!

    • Yes, Fran, there was bigotry in my family, too. My dad was especially prejudiced. I used to cringe at some of the words he would use. This topic of peace and love and unity is so important to me. I agree… when will we ever learn? Why do we as a nation… a world… continue to make the same mistakes? It must make God cry!

  3. Great share, thanks…

  4. We all bleed the same, we are beautiful inside. My husband and I are mix and our son who was adopted by us at the age of two is African American we as a family as seen the prejudice even in our own families. We are married 28yrs and things all around in our country has gotten worst. My son is a young man and is about to graduate with high honors in December from college. I have told him since he was a little boy, my son you already have two strikes against you, you are a male and you are black always rise above it, so this world of ours you are a child of the Living God and he created you in His image as well. 🙂

    • Bless you! You have gven your son the best message possible and obviously have given hm a head start in life with your love and support. Wish him well from me as he graduates from a successful college experience and enters this world’s work force at a time when things are so difficult. May he rise above the challenges and continue to success. Thank you for your beautiful response. I loved it!! <3

  5. Anonymous said:

    I am and have always been color blind. We are the human race. Period. Thank you for sharing! This is a very hopeful message.

  6. Very inspiring video! I loved “Conformity has a ceiling and you don’t.” Thank you for sharing this!

  7. Nice post ❣️ thanks for sharing 🙂💮❣️

  8. I hope one day we learn to look at another and only see another human, leaving all categories and divisions aside.. thanks for being a voice of love..

  9. Nicely put together. Let us hope, especially come November, that most truly do not see it.

  10. Elaina Colby said:

    MomBee, I am very tired of labels. While I agree that white supremacy exists and there are bad people in our society that live under a delusion that they are better than other people, I think that giving them a label and a category also gives them more power and conviction to live up to such label. What/who are these people, really? They are hateful, immoral and unethical humans. They lack a conscience. They destroy the soul of America. Sadly, I see many humans (not just White Supremists) who fall into this category. I see videos of rioters and angry people of all colors and walks of life. I read the lies spread on social media. I am very tired of people feeling the need to identify someone by a label like the color of his/her skin or by his/her beliefs or by his/her sexual orientation or any other label. I’m tired of seeing people default to anger and violence. They protest but they forget what they’re protesting. Perhaps bad people are out there with the “good” protesters with an agenda to cause chaos or spread lies?
    You wrote “Let hatred be gone and have no place in our hearts. Only compassion.” Exactly! I don’t know about other people but since our country has spiraled out of control, I feel threats and hatred from others that I’ve never felt before. Sometimes it happens as I’m simply walking down the street. Living near Baltimore and working in DC is eye opening. Skin color has really become more important to a lot if people. They are going backwards in time. So many people need a reset. So many people need to be re-educated. As we “pray hard for a peaceful transition back to sanity, truth and integrity in our White House” we also need to expand (possibly even refocus) that prayer to include the elected officials representing the legislative, executive and judicial branches of our government. Many of these officials have behaved so badly! They have an obligation to be “We the people”. There should be no more slandering of others (party vs. party). They need to move forward and discover and deploy solutions together. I can’t see how a new president or even the existing president can make any difference in America if these minds (of our current government officials) are not reset as well.

    • Very well spoken, Elaina!! I agree whole-heartedly … and my “White Supremacy” label was more of an attention getter than anything. The message you and I send – bottom line- is the same. Let’s respect one another and restore that respect and dignity in our representatives as well. Thank you for your valuable, heart-felt comments. 👍🏽❤️

  11. I am sorry, I do not agree on any white privilege. The only thing I am privileged for is that my name is written down in the Lamb’s book of life. I was raised very poor and we treated people with love and respect. My foster parents taught me respect as well. I do not see color, I see attitude. My ex husband was racist. I was friends with a darker skinned lady and when he found out, he got violent. I know first hand that there are some who are prejudiced. I am here to say, that never was me. Here is a video from the Hodgetwins that shows how I feel. We are such kind hearted people. We do not want to hurt anyone, so when the left started spreading the lie of white supremacy…..we fell for it. We were ALL created equal. Our only privilege is living in America! Going to heaven! Knowing Jesus! Listen to these guys…. (they do say a few cuss words) https://youtu.be/HMSTDsMXoD8

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