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Future Cuddles

(The poem below was written on my flight back to CA after some 4: AM cuddles with my newborn grandson in Switzerland two and a half decades ago)

Two fellow bloggers wrote yesterday about their grandchildren – and how this pandemic has taken away their ability to visit and hug them. It reminded me of this poem I wrote 26 years ago… and how much I miss my hugs and cuddles with my grandkids (and the three great-grandchildren). I decided to repost my poem and give you an updated picture of my three Swiss grandsons.

Here’s Nicky, the 26 year old for whom “The 4 o’clock Cuddle” was written. I seemed to know even when he was a newborn that someday he would have a “bearded cheek!” Hah!

The Four O’Clock Cuddle

Recalling our precious time together,
I wonder about
Future four o’clock cuddles.
Who will be there
In a decade or three?
Where will your bearded cheek
Nuzzle in four decades?

Will your big, round eyes
Remain innocent,
And your heart remain pure,
And with perfect trust,
Will you find the world
Always loves you
As I do?

Wrap your fingers
Around carefully chosen thumbs,
My dear grandson.
The world is yours,
But here
There will always be
A four o’clock cuddle.

Nicky is in the middle of this adorable picture of my three Swiss grandsons today.
Ah yes, a photo only a Grammy could call ADORABLE” … It’s a kiddie pool in the back of Nick’s new house that he’s sharing with two or three buddies in Switzerland. Here he is flanked by his brothers: Mike (28) and Chris (24)… Oh Lordy! I miss them!!

What kind of cuddles are you missing these days?
Tell me about ’em!!

See ya tomorrow.

Comments on: "Future Cuddles" (20)

  1. You make me miss my grandkids, and I’m blessed to live a half hour away! Do you ever see this grandchild? How you must miss him!

  2. Awwww! This is lovely! And I laughed out loud at the photo you chose of him! He was on fire last night at the Cheese Disco he helped organize. I’m so proud of him!

  3. Love the poem! πŸ€—

  4. Precious poem!

  5. Thank you {{{Melanie}}} – I did remember your name, right?

  6. Thanks for sharing this precious poem again and updating Nick’s face. He’s lost weight since that first photo was taken. We all miss your cuddles, ma!

  7. Awww Jan! The pic is amazing. How fun. And your poem brought tears because I’m headed out tomorrow to cuddle with my new granddaughter. I know you miss your grands. And I’m sure they love and miss you~their amazing Grandma Jan. Hugs and love! Xoxo

  8. A fine poem

  9. Moving and endearing. So much we are missing these days and hope is we get to be close once again to those we love. Take care my friend.πŸ™

  10. Jan, I appreciate your poem. As I have said, I miss my Montana grandchildren . . . especially the three youngest, ages 3 and 2 years, and 10 months.

    • I understand. It’s so hard to be away from those little ones and have them grow up too fast away from our hugs ;(

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