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A Swiss Weekend

This is the “chalet” where our daughter, DeAna, is spending this weekend with her friend, Kade. While they are enjoying the hot tub, lovely meals, and the fantastic scenery, Andre’ and his brother, Roger, are out on a motorcycle adventure.

Another of De’s views
A Swiss aperitif
Meanwhile, Andre’s refreshment…
I’d like to be in that hot tub with De – Sante’!! …
… enjoying the view from the balcony.
Which room would you like?

Dream Big

Don’t forget to Dream Big!
My friend, Terry, and I have been studying
Bob Goff’s on-line Bible Study titled, “Dream Big”
– and this is one of my dreams:
To return to Switzerland
To visit DeAna and her family
and to rent a “chalet” like this one
and have all kinds of friends come and stay with us.

Are you on?
Dream Big!

Keep Unfulfilled Dreams Alive

Don’t forget to keep
Unfulfilled Dreams
alive and well in your heart.
It makes tomorrow

This 12 minute video shows mainly city areas, but it gives you a great idea of the diversity of Switzerland’s landscape and architecture.
(I hope you are not interrupted by Montana political ads like I was)

My Favorite Swiss Places

My favorite places to visit in Switzerland are not the cities… although Geneva and Lucerne, are indeed lovely spots. My daughter lives in Sierre, a much smaller city, and I love to go there in the Rhone River Valley, to that “sun city” because people are more important than places to me.

The “Swiss Weekend” pictures are from a little village outside Geneva. I want to go there! Also. De & Andre’ have purchased a restaurant in a village called Vissoie. It is up the mountain from Sierre. I want to go there!

What Are Your Favorite Spots?

After visiting the 10 top spots via that You.Tube video (if you had 12 minutes to view it), do you have a favorite spot you might want to visit in Switzerland?

Have you ever been to Switzerland before? If so, I know why you want to go back. If not, I know why you want to put it on your “Bucket List.”

Keep Dreaming!
See ya tomorrow.

Tomorrow I’ll tell you about the tiger inside me!!


Comments on: "A Swiss Weekend" (14)

  1. Fran McNeill said:

    If I’m invited, I’m all in! I have always wanted to go to Switzerland, along with the Austrian alps, etc. As beautiful as I’ve ever seen. Thank you Jan.

  2. Wow that nice I will like to spend a weekend with you family

  3. Wow – gorgeous!

  4. Sunny De said:

    Thank you for sharing my photos, Momma! This lovely Sunday morning we are outside enjoying our coffee. I can’t wait for you and daddy to come back for a visit. Sooner rather than later, ok? Have a beautiful Sunday! 🌈☀️💗😘

    • I am picturing you there – and so glad you are healthy and enjoying life. Thank you, Sweetheart, for sharing. I am looking forward to that unfullfilled dream coming to fruition. Hopefully next spring. <3

  5. These pictures are absolutely beautiful. Thank you! 🙂

  6. One daughter-in-law is half Swiss, but I’ve never been there.

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