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Check out this
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of Bryce Jessup
delivering a very inspirational message,


Photo by William Brand on Pexels.com

Bryce Jessup died this week. He was 88. He dreamed of celebrating his 90th birthday by climbing Half Dome in Yosemite and standing on his head!

Bob has paid over $7,000 for a fishing trip to Alaska. The trip is cancelled because of this pandemic. The fly-fishing company has denied a refund. Instead it is a credit for his 2021 trip to Alaska. Bob wanted a refund because he’s not sure at 82 he’ll still be “up” for the trip.

I told him, “You have to allow them to credit it for your 2021 trip! As Bob Goff teaches us, Dream Big! And we need to live looking forward to the dreams of tomorrow. Know you WILL be a strong 82 year old! Live (or die) with unfulfilled dreams!”

That was Bryce Jessup’s secret to a vital life … he died living his dreams.

Let’s all do the same!

Hugs to you.

I’m headed off to go 4-wheeling with that 81 year old vital guy!!

See ya later.


Comments on: "Die with Unfulfilled Dreams" (10)

  1. Good for Bryce, but Bob still deserves a refund – then he can decide what to do next year.

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  2. svphillips10gmailcom said:

    Jan good advice to Bob. If you both continue to live the healthy lifestyle that you live, Bob will be even healthier next year. Hope you have fun 4-wheeling today.

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  3. Sunny De said:

    Good advice, ma! Dad neeeeeeds to hang in there and be in shape for this trip next year!!!

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  4. You have inspired me again Jan. No regrets! Thank you for sharing your wonderful words. Take care.

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  5. Love it!

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