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If you lived in Montana – west across the valley from the Madison Range – with two mountain ranges north and south of you filled with trails for All Terrain Vehicles, and you had an ATV, how would you spend Father’s Day?

Yup, you guessed it! We went on “Lucille” (our red-headed ATV who is a BALL) up into the Tobacco Root Range to the top of the world this afternoon.

Come and take a ride with us… way up to the snow area where snow drifts caused us to have to turn around and head back down. We’ll start up there and head down

Below that snowy area, there is a gorgeous lookout where we can view the valley below. I took a few photos from that lookout to share with you.

Looking east to the Madison Valley and the Madison Range.
See our Boston, TazE, by the road there?
Looking west from the Lookout
The fields were covered with beautiful little flowers.
On our way up to tha lookout, we stopped at Sureshot Lake.
TazE appreciated the break after the bumpy ride down.
You can see the lake below to the right of the window.

We saw twice as many campers in the camping areas this trip compared to any other year, and we’ve been traveling this route for nearly ten years. During this COVID-19 pandemic, word has gotten out. Montana is a great Big Sky place… with lots of fresh air, space, and unbelievable beauty.

And this “crowd” of campers is nothing compared to what you’d experience in California or Florida or other vacation destinations!

Time to head toward home…. there’s our Madison Valley down there.
These are called “Jack Fences.” They don’t have to be buried, so they survive the snow and freezing temperatures longer than posts that need to be pounded in.
Tucked back into these mountains are some really beautiful horse farms.
TazE knows when we get close to home. She gets up and goes on high alert!
We’re happy you joined us for our Father’s Day adventure.
Back to the pickup near this lily pond in McAllister.
Time to put “Lucille” on the trailer and go home for a barbecue.

Here’s lookin’ at you!
Happy Father’s Day, my friends.

Til next time – Happy Trails to You!
See ya tomorrow.
Love, JanBeek

Comments on: "Montana ATV Father’s Day" (20)

  1. I spent a week in Montana on a government assignment years ago and have been wanting to get back to its natural beauty.

    • Well, Tangie, come on over! And be sure to write and tell me when you’re coming, and call me when you get to Ennis (Beekman is in the phone book). I’d love to meet you in person and host you in our guest room for a couple days while you use our place as home base – and go spend a day in Yellowstone. Really!!

      • Good morning and thank you for your generosity. We also enjoyed our short visit to Yellowstone. I told my husband that I want to visit again our own time, not the government’s time. Have a wonderful day.

  2. What beautiful open country! How long have you lived there?

    • We moved here lock, stock and barrel in 2006 – – – from central CA – – – and yes, it is God’s country!! Thanks for visiting and taking time to comment. Have a great week. <3

  3. Elaina Colby said:

    Thank you for sharing your day with us. A happy father’s day indeed! I felt like I was riding along with you. Beautiful photos!

  4. looks like an amazing way to spend the day! sooo hope to see Montana again someday.

    • Wendi, go up there and see what I wrote to Tangie – and just put your nae in place of hers – the invitation extends to you, too. It would be such fun to meet my blogging friends in person!!

  5. Sunny De said:

    I ditto Elaina’s comments! Thanks for sharing! What a gorgeous day for a ride!

    • Yes, I am so glad we went! Sure would have been fun to have had you & Laina with us. We coulda borrowed a friend’s four-wheeler – or rented a second one. Let’s plan for it!!

      • Sunny De said:

        YOU have to stay in good shape until I retire! I won’t be going back there anytime soon since we’re opening our new place soon! But I’ll definitely be coming as soon as possible ☺️

      • So we will just have to come to you! Maybe this winter after you get started in your new venture. And yes, we will do all we can to stay in good shape for another 20 years!! <3

      • Sunny De said:

        Good! Remember when you came and we stayed in that tower house in Vissoie? That was in April. It’s reeeeeeally pretty here in the Spring. Perhaps shoot for May? And yeah…..I neeeeeeed you and dad to stick around for another 20 years….MINIMUM!!!!! 🙏🏼❤️🙏🏼❤️🙏🏼❤️🙏🏼❤️

      • Oh, I remember that tower house perfectly! A circle staircase to get up to the second floor, lace curtains, a beautiful view of the valley below, a wonderful walking trail… So, 2021 will be a good spring to shoot for a visit. We’ll plan on it!

  6. “A nice ride” indeed

    • So glad you joined us. I gotta go to your blog this morning and see how you spent your day, Derrick. Hope it was a really special, memorable Father’s Day for you. <3

  7. Looks like a wonderful, beautiful spot!

  8. Awww. Thanks for taking us on the Father’s Day ride! I love Montana as you know now. LOL! My twin sister had a Boston named Odie for 9 years. He departed unexpectedly and she can’t bear to get another one just yet. Yours is adorable!

    • Thank you. TazE will be 10 in September. I sympathize with your sis. Oh how hard it is to lose our furry friends! They are part of the family! Thanks for going on the ride with us! <3

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