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Keeping in Touch

Do you enjoy keeping in touch with long-time friends?

This morning I posted “No Friend Like an Old Friend”
with pictures of the long-time friends I met with yesterday.

Among the long-time friends I posted pictures of
was Ly, my favorite hair stylist, whom I have
known since 1979. Today she gave me a new hair cut and
helped me get my “perky” back.

Also, today I had the privilege of reconnecting with dear friends from my years of working in the Ceres Unified School District. I was Caswell Elementary School’s principal from 1988-1997. Some of my favorite people to work with met me today for lunch. Most of them also are retired now. What a joy!!

Jackie (wonderful 3rd grade teacher),
Maudie (extraordinary instructional aide),
Fernando (he and his brother, Louie, were the world’s greatest custodians)
& Marge (Support staff leader & Resource Teacher
who helped coordinate this gathering)
Dora (impressive & dedicated first grade teacher)
and Kim (superb sixth grade teacher)
Jess (loving special ed teacher)
& Candy (beloved special ed instructional aide)
JoAnn (one of the best secretaries anywhere)
& JoAnn’s son, Kenny (I remember him as a kindergartener!)
Me (before haircut) with Peggy (everybody’s favorite Reading and Resource Teacher)
She was my go-to person
whenever I screwed up and needed help recovering from some difficult learning experience!

Have you had the opportunity to reconnect 20 years later with co-workers who were instrumental in tour personal and professional growth? If so, you know what a JOY and a privilege this day was for me.

If not, I pray you will live 20 years into your retirement and have the delight of reconnecting the way I did today. It was indescribably wonderful.
I wish you this kind of joy.

Thank you, dear Caswellians, for a wonderful day.
I love you!

Come visit me in Montana!

Comments on: "Keeping in Touch" (9)

  1. Your haircut looks great!! Looks easy to take care of. 💕

  2. What a marvelous day you had! I, too, love reconnecting with friends from long ago.

    • Thank you for visiting ad leaving your comment, dear DeDe. I know you keep in touch with long-time friends – – – and I know it brings you the same kind of joy I experienced this month.

  3. Old friends are so good to have. Unfortunately some of mine have died in the last few years – but they are still with me.

    • Yes, Derrick, the older we get, the more of our friends seem to make it to the obituary pages. But, they live on in our hearts, it’s true. Thank you for reading and for being a faithful commenter.

  4. What a wonderful post – thank you for it!

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