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Bird Photography

About 25 years ago Bob and I met Gérald Theurillat in Valais, Switzerland.

He and his wife, Celia, are friends of our daughter and her husband.

In the years since we first met “Theu,” he has retired and has become a phenomenal photographer of birds in his region.

Gérald Theurillat has a FaceBook page where you can see more of his wonderful photos and learn the names of these gorgeous animals. I recommend you visit him there if you love birds as I do, and if you want to learn more.

Leave a comment on Theu’s FB page – and tell him “JanBeek sent me.”

Have a Wonderful Weekend, my friends.

Today is the day Bob & I pack
get ready to leave this beautiful spot.

Canadian geese in Rancho Mirage –
I wish Theu could photograph these birds.
You’d see them a lot better through his camera lens!

We’ll leave early tomorrow morning.
Pray for our safe travels, okay?
Next destination is Turlock, in central California,
where I graduated from Turlock Union High School
back in 1957
(yes, I know… that makes me ancient!) –
But, no, I don’t feel old!

(BTW, I get to meet on Monday
with a bunch of my class of ’57 girlfriends.
Ain’t that a fun thing to anticipate?)

Like Theu’s beautiful birds,
I still am soaring high
and loving every minute!

Visit Gérald Theurillat ‘s website
and let him know
you appreciate
his wonderful photography
as much as I do.

Thanks for visiting JanBeek.
Send your friends, will you?

I’d like to have 1,000 followers
for the fun of celebrating
the announcement of my 1,000th post.

See ya later!

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  1. svphillips10gmailcom said:

    Wow those are beautiful photos of birds. Safe travels to you and Bob and keep smiling and having fun!

    • Thank you, Susan. May “Blessings of beauty and joy pour over you right now in Jesus Name 🙂” Amen … Have a great weekend. Thanks for visiting JanBeek and leaving your good wishes.

  2. My niece is an amateur nature photographer. I’ll let her know about Gerald. I know she will like his photos.

  3. This post is very good!👏🏻

  4. Wonderful bird shots. Have an excellent reunion.

  5. Beautiful pictures. 💕

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