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Have Faith and Step Out

Life Swirls Around You

Back in 2012, shortly after I first started blogging, I posted this poem that I wrote at least 20 years ago. It is more true today than it was then… and fits perfectly into the theme of the blog I posted earlier today.

Have Faith and Step Out

Don’t overlook your life’s importance
or minimize your worth.
It doesn’t matter if you’re on an allowance
or on Social Security;
No matter where you are in life,
You have so much to give.

The vital part of your life
Never disappears or fades away.
Each of us is vital to God.
He gives us the courage to go out and live,
to heed His call and step out in faith
on a new journey today.

In faithful obedience, lean forward
to hear Him; He doesn’t shout.
His call is quiet and personal.
Get serious. Listen carefully.
Are you up for a new journey?
Have faith and step out!

Yup, step out!

Thanks for checking back in with me.
See ya tomorrow.

Comments on: "Have Faith and Step Out" (4)

  1. I must have missed this before! I love this! Very encouraging!

    • I am going to share this poem at the Retirement Home tomorrow when our Writers’ Group goes to read to the folks there. I believe it applies to those folks as much as it does to me. We never stop living and influencing the lives of others around us – never – not even in death! Thanks for stopping by, “Rad Change.” Keep on changing the world – one breath at a time – and beyond!

  2. I love your poem and the photograph. I believe you meant to type the word “folks” as the last word in the second line of what you typed in your reply to Rad Change.


    • Oh my! That was really quite a glaring typo!! Thanks for pointing it out to me, Russ. I would hate to have one of those dear folks see that and think I would have said something so negative! Thank you!!!

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