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Speak Kindly

November is here
It’s a month for gratitude
To be your Center

Live with Thanksgiving
First and foremost in your life
Always speak kindly

I’m imagining
A month of only kindness
Make it a habit

Let’s make it a pact
I’m committed to do it
Please say you’ll join me!

Kindness is
Love Personified!

Write in the comments
that you’ll join me in this
Month of Gratitude,
Thanksgiving, and Kindness, okay?
Let’s form a habit.

Have a wonderful weekend.
See ya later.

Comments on: "Speak Kindly" (12)

  1. Yes! November will be (is!) the month of gratitude and kindness. It should be that way every month of the year!

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  2. absolutely I will join you!

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  3. Elaina Colby said:

    Everyday is a day of gratitude for me. I’m blessed with an amazing family, wonderful friends, a good job, a nice house, a reliable car, my health, God’s beauty and so much more. But I will definitely turn my gratitude up a notch! Love you!

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  4. Great idea! I will join you. – Jeanne

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